| | 2013-04-20

Siddharth, Ashrita Shetty, Kay Kay Menon,

Director - Manimaran
Producer - Vetrimaran
Banner - Lakshmi Ganapathi Films
Music - Prakash kumar

Siddharth has been shuffling between Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films these days. His latest film is Udhayam NH4 that was made in Tamil and dubbed in Telugu. Here is the review of it.

What is it about?

Prabhu (Siddharth) and Rithika (Ashrita) fall in love. Rithika is the daughter of a minister. He plans to send her off to some other country and Rithika elopes with Prabhu. She will turn major by the night she ran off and a police officer (KK Menon) is instructed by the minister to get his daughter back before it is too late. The chase is on.


Siddharth has done an intelligent college guy role in the film. He is good in the character where he has to underplay all the time. Ashrita Shetty looks okay but her performance is not up to the mark. She got a meaty role for her debut and Ashrita failed to make use of it. KK Menon is as competent as ever. However, his character is not etched properly. Other actors are mostly Tamil and may be all the actors from hero's friends gang are newcomers. They are fine.

Music composed by Prakash Kumar is good. He has given a decent background score for this semi thriller. Cinematography is nice. Editing is slick. Production values are just about okay. Producer Vetrimaran provided the script and he succeeded only fifty percent and messed it up in the second half. Director Manimaran did a fair job in making this film a decent watch. Good screenplay in second half could have made this a better film. Film showed lot of promise in the first hour and with a messy second hour nice chance have gone wasted.

NH4 is a mix of romance and thriller genres. This type of films are very rare and risky to make. Writer and the director have almost pulled it off. The first half is very slick and interesting. It goes haywire after the interval point. Menon grabbing Ashrita from Siddharth and vice versa aren't effective on screen. Good climax could have made it up for the mistakes but the ending is even bad and NH4 ends up as a below average fare.

Film starts off on an interesting note and things move at breathtaking pace. The spaced flashback technique is effectively used. NH4 shows lot of promise by the interval point. But it fizzles off at the similar speed it started and gets worse as it reaches the climax. Half baked script is the main culprit in this film. The setup and technical aspects are fine tuned to make this work but the writer couldn't make it into a two hour movie.

Interestingly this film has been produced by the writer himself (Vetrimaran) and he will have to blame himself for the results. You may watch it if you have nothing else to do. Or else simply wait for the home edition.

Verdict: Exciting journey on NH4 takes a boring turn!