Prema Oka Maikam

| | 2013-08-30

Charmi, Rahul, Saranya Nag and others

Director - Chandu
Producer - Venkata Suresh, Sury
Banner - Touring Talkies
Music - MGK Praveen, SR Posam

Charmi, who has been waiting desperately for a break, is back with Prema Oka Maikam in which played the role of a call girl. She is expecting awards as well as big commercial success with this movie.

What is it about?

Mallika is a call girl (Charmi) who doesn't know anything about love. She come across Lalith, a lyricist (Rahul), who loses his eyesight due to the accident done by Mallika. Lalith is madly in love with Swathi, a singer (Saranya). Mallika comes to know about Lalith and Swathi and does an ultimate sacrifice to bring them together.

Performances :

Charmi has been projected as the main lead in this film right from the day the movie was announced. However, she played an extended guest role in this movie which primarily focuses on the love story of Rahul and Saranya. Charmi is bad as the call girl. She didn't get her act right. She is awkward in certain scenes where she gets totally drunk. She lost her sheen and it would be a gigantic task for her to bounce back from this point. Rahul is terrible as the main lead. He hardly emotes and looks like a clown in emotional scenes. Saranya is bad choice for this role. She is as bad as Rahul in certain key sequences. None of the remaining star cast had a notable role to play. All of them looked like a pack of jokers.

Technicalities :

Not just the team on screen, even the team behind screen have come up with lackluster output. Cinematography is pretty bad. Scenes shot in broad day light are also hardly visible. You can imagine how the scenes that were shot indoors looked like. Editing is awful. This is easily one of the poorly edited films of the recent past. Dialogues are pathetic. Music takes the cake of awfulness with mediocrity written all over it. Director Chandu failed to do his job well and also fumbled in getting the out put from his team. He took a long gap after Note Book to make this film. We fear he might be jobless for many years after this dismal film.

Analysis :

Prema Oka Maikam is supposed to be a heart touching love story. But the plot isn't convincing enough. Swathi falling in love with Lalith seems like a joke. How would anybody love someone whom they don't know at all. Swathi don't even know his age and relationship status. She doesn't even know if Lalith is a male or female. Swathi falling in love for Lalith itself appears like a comedy show and Lalith's explanation for staying away from her seems even funny.

Not a single scene in the movie is connected with the other scene. Why to introduce another love story (Sony Charishta's thread) into this film? That is absolutely not needed in this movie. Chandu tried to bring some tension and also use that love pair for canning few titillating scenes. But he failed in establishing that love thread and also couldn't merge it with the main plot.

Climax is on the heavier side. But due to bad writing and awful acting, climatic sequence failed to get the desired impact. On a whole, Prema Oka Maikam is a pain for the audience. Make sure to stay away from this film or else you will repent later.

Verdict :  Prema oka Endless Torture!