| | 2013-09-14

Manchu Manoj, Sakshi Chowdary, Anupriya and others

Director - Pawan Wadeyar
Producer - Sirisha Sridhar
Banner - Ramalakshmi Cine Creations
Music - Achu

Manchu Manoj, who had a miserable time last year is back with Potugadu now. This film is a remake of Kannada hit "Govindaya Namaha".

What is it about?

Govind (Manoj) is a selfish guy who doesn't know the value of true love. When he himself faces the ill fate of love, Govind decides to commit suicide. What happens next?


Manchu Manoj is good as the lead. He went over board in few scenes, however, he did a fine job as Govind. His natural ease and energy levels play vital role in this film. All the heroines are not up to the mark. Anupriya is better compared to others. Posani Krishna Murali's usual blank expressions works at times.


Dialogues are poor. Music is an asset. All the songs are good to hear as well as on screen. Background score is fine. Cinematography is good. Editing is crisp. Direction is just average. Story is interesting though. Director could have made betterment to the narration for this remake. Instead he has stuck to the original script, which had few flaws.


Potugadu has a fine story and has few factors that work in favor of it. But also there are many factors that would work against it. Lets talk about the positives first. There are few good comedy scenes that are aimed at the masses. Despite many double meaning dialogues those scenes will work in the favor of Potugadu at the box office. Songs are pretty good and there is one good twist in the story, which will come as a surprise.

There ends the positives and rest of the film is a total yawn! Director simply raced away without paying attention to the details. All the love stories are badly executed. Climax is a joke with such artificial emotions thrown in. The film goes over board at many instances and it will surely test your patience. But by keeping the things short and crisp the director made a huge favor for himself.

Potugadu comes at a time where there is no single film to watch. This must help the movie to score big at the ticket windows in spite of average content. This is surely better than Manoj's previous outings and you may watch it if you like his style of acting.

Verdict: Potugadu is an average mass-comedy!