| | 2013-12-20

Karthi, Hansika, Premji Ameran, Ramky, Nasser and others

Director - Venkat Prabhu
Producer - K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Banner - Studio Green
Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Tamil actor Karthi who also enjoys good market in Telugu hasn't been in best of the forms in the recent times. His last three films tanked at the box office. Now he is back with Biriyani. Did he serve a tasty one or bland Biriyani?

What is it about?

Sudheer (Karthi) is a playboy and is in relation with Priyanka (Hansika). Sudheer and his friend (Premji) get lured by a girl and the next day they are accused of kidnapping big shot Varadarajulu (Nasser). They discover that Varadarajulu has actually been killed and now they have to do their best to come out of it.

            Karthi is good as the playboy. He is not seen as a mass action hero in this film. He flexes muscles only when required and he played the boy next door character with ease. Hansika doesn't have much scope. Premji has more screen space next to Karthi and he delivers few laughs in his typical style. Nasser and all others are standard.

       Director Venkat Prabhu attempted to make a comedy thriller and the first half is completely dedicated to the entertainment. There is not much exciting or boring in the first hour. Second half has the thrill element and this should have been tackled better. Director took it too easy and tried to simplify complicated things. Due to that logic goes for a toss. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is ordinary. Cinematography is okay. Editing is good in parts.
            Karthi was desperate to end his flop streak with Biriyani. Venkat Prabhu who has a good track record in Tamil cinema took up the responsibility to give that much needed breather to Karthi. However the director came up with half baked script. There are some scenes where the director's brilliance can be seen.

            Biriyani entertains in parts and keeps you mildly engaged until the climax. But the ways how hero deals with his problems is not impressive. More brains were required to deal such complicated things. Venkat Prabhu might have thought that this would pass off as a comedy. But the content is too serious to take it in a funny way.

            It is better than Karthi's recent debacles, but nowhere near to his best films too. This is a passable fare if you land up accidentally in the theater screening Biriyani. But if you expect something spicy and tasty you are in for disappointment.

Verdict: This Biriyani is half-cooked!