Emo Gurram Egaravachu

| | 2014-01-25

Sumanth, Pinky Sawika, Tagubothu Ramesh and others

Director - Chandra Siddharth
Producer - Sudhir Kumar
Banner - Cherry Films
Music - MM Keeravani

Sumanth, who has been running through rough patch, is back with Emo Gurram Egaravachu to try his luck. Chandra Siddharth, who has impressive credentials, directed this film.

What is it about?

Bullebbayi (Sumanth) fails to pass 10th class despite multiple attempts. He has a dream of going to America, but for that he needs to pass 10th class to get a visa. His cousin Neelaveni (Pinky Sawika) arrives from America and marries Bullebbayi with some other ideas. Bullebbayi marries Neelaveni and leaves to America.


Sumanth is alright in the lead role. He suited the character of a normal villager. He did well in the climax sequence. Pinky Sawika is a Thai actress and looks like an Indian. She is okay in this film. Tagubothu Ramesh fails to entertain. There is nothing much to talk about other star cast.


 Director Chandra Siddharth couldn't make this film work due to weak script. The story is so simple and heads in a predictable path. There are no surprises or other engaging elements to hook the viewers. Flat screenplay with less entertainment made this film a tedious fare. Director failed to get the emotions right as well.

SS Kanchi's dialogues are not impressive. Camera work is just okay. There is not much quality seen on the screen despite the foreign locales. Editing could have been better, especially in the second half. Music by Keeravani is the only saving grace in this film. The master technician tried his best to lift the spirits up but all goes in vain due to weak script and direction. 


First half of the film sails off smoothly even there is nothing special to write about it. Bullebbayi character is introduced well. The examination scene is a promising opening scene for this film. However there ends the creative and entertainment part. What follows later is a mediocre affair with lazy humor.

Interval scene lacked the punch despite a twist in the tale. Poor writing has been the biggest weakness of this 'Horse' and therefore it could hardly race let alone fly! Second half should have dealt in an emotional way. Audience doesn't get to know the actual emotions and feelings of the lead pair. Director simply places scene after scene without any purpose.

Sumanth says that he is madly in love with Pinky, but there is not at least one scene where his love is visible at least to the audience. How could Pinky realize his love for her when nobody can see it? Pinky says she is in search of a better half. When she is so hell bent about finding the right person, the scene that she gets convinced about that doctor should have been very impressive.

She simply says that he is the right man and proceeds to marry him. All seems like a drama with cardboard characters. The scene where she realizes that Sumanth is the right man for her is badly written too. All in all this film is a total failure both in script and execution. Expecting this horse to fly is asking for Sun to rise in the west.

Verdict: Forget about flying, this Horse could hardly Walk!