Heart Attack

| | 2014-01-31

Nithin, Adah Sharma, Ali, Brahmanandam and Others

Director - Puri Jagannath
Producer - Puri Jagannath
Banner - Puri Jagannath Touring Talkies
Music - Anoop Rubens

Puri Jagannadh, who has been churning out below average entertainers has made a commercial love entertainer with Nitin, who is in best form with back to back hits to his credit. How did Heart Attack fare?

What is it about?

Varun (Nitin) is a traveler who likes Hayati (Adah Sharma) in first sight. She eventually falls in love with Varun, but he doesn't have any ideas about serious relationship. All he wants is a French kiss from her. Varun realizes his love on Hayati and by that time it is too late. He has to fight hard to get her back.


Nitin is good in the role of a traveler. He made the character believable. He has developed natural ease and he can pull off any character now. Adah Sharma is average in looks and she did okay as an actor. Brahmanandam and Ali are usual. Nothing to write about. Brahmi tried hard to make the comedy work, but in vain. Ajay and other villains did routine stuff.


Puri Jagannadh once again failed to come up with a decent story. His storyline and characters look plain ordinary and Puri couldn't do much with them. As a producer he has spent lavishly on the film. Puri should seriously think about spending much time on the script than on the project.

Puri Jagannadh's dialogues are okay and camera work by Amol Rathod is fine. Fast cut editing is turning out to be routine in Puri's films. All style no substance kind of film from Puri and team. Music by Anup Rubens is average. There is not even one song that will make a lasting impression on you.   


One would expect some unique story point in the film looking at the title. However Heart Attack is just an interesting title for an ordinary film. Nitin's traveler character doesn't make any sense. Why is he wandering around all the countries and why does he run after Adah Sharma for no reason. First half of the film has four songs which comes and goes without proper situations.

There are some moments that are in lighter vein, which would keep the flow going. Interval scene is just ordinary and doesn't create any interest on the film. Second half is routine stuff with Nitin coming back for heroine and fighting with the villain. Except for few dialogues there isn't anything that impresses in this film.

Heart Attack is yet another half hearted attempt from Puri Jagannadh with a half baked script. Luck has to favor Nitin if this film has to pass off as an average grosser. It is high time Puri Jagannadh should stop making films with no proper content. A story should have at least a theme, middle and ending no? Why to make films that neither entertains nor bores the audience. Absolute time waste this!

Verdict: Heart Attack is a Half Baked Cake from Puri's Bakery!