| | 2014-02-07

Nani, Catherine, Sidhika, Charan Raj, Raja Ravindra and others

Director - Krishna Vamsi
Producer - Ramesh Puppala
Banner - Yellow Flowers
Music - Sai Karthik

Paisa movie made by Krishna Vamsi was supposed to release six months ago. But the film was delayed due to financial problems and finally made it to theaters now.

What is it about?

Prakash (Nani) is a carefree guy who dreams of earning 1 crore rupees so that he can settle down in life. Sanyasi (Charan Raj) is a politician who dreams of becoming the chief minister. To reach his aim Sanyasi has to spend Rs. 50 crore in a by-election. Money is received through Hawala and it accidentally lands in Prakash hands. Now so many people are after Prakash and his friends. What happens next?

Nani is good in the lead role. He has given his hundred percent to the character and got into the skin of the character. At one point you will start believing that you are watching the story of a guy called Prakash and forget about Nani. This is easily his best performance till date. Catherine is fine as the female lead. She has put up a decent show. Sidhika suits the character of a filthy rich girl. Charan Raj couldn't make an impression as the bad politician. Raja Ravindra is just okay. Nani's friends are nice.

Krishna Vamsi attempted to make a crime comedy using contemporary issues. His attempt to try something new from routine stuff is there, but the vintage Krishna Vamsi goes missing yet again. We can see some sparks here and there, but on a whole Krishna Vamsi fails as a director. His narration and the rogue method of filmmaking are the biggest culprits for the failure of this film.
Music by Sai Karthik is loud and annoying most of the times. There are few scenes where the music is good and elevated the scene. Songs are not so impressive. Editing is pretty bad. Cinematography will give you a migraine for sure. Krishna Vamsi opted for weird camera angles like his guru RGV in this film. There are some impressive dialogues about the facts of life.
Paisa is basically a crime comedy. But you get to know the genre of the movie only when it reaches the interval point. Director wasted too much time on establishing characters that doesn't play much of a role in the main plot of the movie. Nani, Catherine love track is badly written. Also scenes on Sidhika don't make much sense. There is so much nonsense in the film that could have been edited out.

Real story starts only at the interval point. Second half starts on a bright note but loses steam quickly. Bad screenplay spoil whole show and movie turns uninteresting at a point. You will not root for the characters and simply wait for the movie to end in some or the other way. Making a mockery of all the characters in the climax scene is not at all convincing. That cannot be overlooked as comedy.

Apart from Nani's performance there is nothing much to talk about Paisa. Krishna Vamsi failed execution let the film down. There are few impressive moments in the film, but those are not enough to hold the film together. Krishna Vamsi's eccentric style of filmmaking will not impress many. Even his diehard fans will be disappointed to see him making a mess out of this interesting plot.

Verdict: This is surely not a 'Paisa' vasool fare!