Hum Tum

| | 2014-02-14

Maneesh, Simran, Nikhil Chakravarthy and others

Director - Ram Bhimana
Producer - Siva Ramireddy
Banner - Apple Studios
Music - Mahati

With no noted releases on this Valentine's Day, Hum Tum film turned out to be the only option for Telugu movie lovers this weekend. People expected a decent Rom-Com in Hum Tum as the promos and publicity material was decent.

What is it about?

Highly successful fashion designer Pallavi (Simran) comes to a TV show called Hum Tum and shares her experience in love and how it inspired her to achieve big things in life. Pallavi loved Charan (Maneesh) head over heels in her college days. But Charan never reciprocates to her feelings.


Maneesh is decent in looks, but he is a very bad actor. He couldn't give basic reactions and his body language is awful. He needs to start from the scratch and every bit of acting if he is dreaming of a longtime career in films. Nikhil Chakravarthi is as bad as Maneesh on the performance front. Simran's makeup is a big let down in the first half of the film. She is a bad actor too. Late actors Dharmavarapu and AVS did their best to lift the spirits up. But this film is a tedious fare and doesn't have anything attractive to keep you glued till the end.

Ram Bhimana tried to make a feel good love story without a soul in it. Bad script and bad choice of actors never let the director to exhibit his talent. This film is a debutante's nightmare and Bhimana has to do something exceptional to make a mark after this dreadful show. Music is pathetic and so are the other technical departments. There is nothing to write about in this film and that bugs you big time. How did the producers invest in this film that has absolutely nothing in it?

Hum Tum attracted decent crowds on the first day as there is no other notable release this week. However, this film will not survive for long as the word of mouth will be alarmingly bad. No one could sit through the film as it tortures from the word go. Bad script coupled with bad actors and bad technical output makes Hum Tum an unbearable film.

Director wants to show the greatness of true love through his characters. But he couldn't generate the feeling of love and you will never get connected with the lead character. This subject needs an adorable female lead to make some impact. Simran is an awful choice and she messes it up big time.

Second half turns even more torturous with Nikhil Chakravarthy entering the show. Direction is so amateurish and it is clearly evident that the director knows nothing about the feeling of love. Audience who give up early and walks out as soon as possible will be the lucky ones. If you sit till the end expecting for some paisa vasool moments, Hum Tum will leave you pale and exhausted. Some films are highly injurious to health and these don't come with a statutory warning. Hum Tum is one of those movies that will make you repent for stepping into the theaters. Stay Away!

Hum Tum is a pepper spray attack on the audience!