| | 2014-04-04

Mohan Babu, Jayasudha, Manchu Vishnu, Shanvi

Director - Ram Gopal Varma
Producer - Vijay, Gajendra & Pa
Banner - 24 Frames Factory Ltd., AV Pictures
Music - Sai Karthik

Rowdy is Desi Godfather

Unfazed by last year's debacle Satya 2, eccentric filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma came up with Rowdy this time around. For a change, Varma teamed up with Veteran actor Mohan Babu and his scion Manchu Vishnu for an action-drama. The combo itself raised many eyebrows among movie buffs at first. Soon, the film garnered good buzz after the makers unveiled its first look and music. Curious to know our verdict? Read on...

Plot: To put it simply, Rowdy is a classic tale of a faction family set in Rayalaseema backdrop. Anna (Mohan Babu), the family's chieftain, is a powerful and popular public figure in the region who defies law for what he believe in. The film revolves around Nandavaram project to which Anna is opposed for the well-being of local people. Whereas a group of antagonists who have vested interests in the project are desperate to kill Anna to get their project done. What forms rest is feud between two parties.


Mohan Babu: Mohan Babu as Anna carried off the film on his shoulders. His persona, mannerisms catch your eye. One could watch Mohan Babu's finest performance in Rowdy and it recalls you the performance of World's greatest actor Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone) of The God Father. It is not exaggerated to say his acting is on par with national-award winning performance. Ram Gopal Varma brilliantly extracted acting prowess of Mohan Babu.

Manchu Vishnu: Vishnu (Krishna) is a student who is trying to go abroad for his further studies but involves into family business whenever his help is needed. In the latter half of the film, one could see Krishna taking over reigns from his father Anna that immediately takes you back to crowning of prince Michael Corleone as successor to Vito Corleone. Varma again showcased Vishnu Manchu in a powerful, never-before-seen role. Vishnu's performance in Rowdy is a befitting answer to his critics. No doubt, Vishnu excelled as an actor and gone to next-level with Rowdy.

Jayasudha: Jayasudha, who earned the sobriquet of Sahaja Nati, again lived up to her tag. Her role as Lakshmi, wife of Anna, is flawless. Sentiment and romantic scenes between Lakshmi and Anna work in favour of the film.

Shanvi: Shanvi plays Sirisha, romantic interest of Krishna (Vishnu). She does have substantial role in the film. Shanvi is appealing, easy on eyes. Yes, she looks sexy in Nee Meeda Othu romantic song with Vishnu. Looks like, Shanvi has struck Gold with Rowdy.

Technical Aspects:

Music: Sai Karthik has rightly used RGV's opportunity. Music is soothing and comes in handy for film. Especially, the background score needs special mention. BG work perfectly blends with scenes and it elevates the film at many places.

Cinematography: Satish Muthyala's Cinematography is passable.

Editing: Editing is okay and could have been better. The film is slick and sharp due to tight editing work.

Thumbs Up:

1. Terrific performances of lead cast
2. Strong storyline
3. Direction
4. Slick narration

Thumbs Down:

1. Tanikella Bharani's dialogues
2. Cinematography at portions

Analysis: Ram Gopal Varma's Rowdy is perfect adaptation of Mario Puzo's greatest classic The Godfather. Varma, who is going through lean phase of late, don't want to take any chances with Rowdy. He strictly goes by The Godfather. Yet he told in interesting, convincing way. Terrific performances of stellar cast (Mohan Babu, Vishnu and Jayasudha) and the perfect brooding atmosphere make Rowdy an outstanding work of RGV in recent times. RGV's gripping narration takes the film to top level.

The idea to showcase Mohan Babu sans makeup, wig appears real and natural. Perhaps, this is what compels audience to instantly connect with the role Anna. There are no forced songs, dialogues unlike typical Telugu films. Music composer Sai Karthik is a dark horse and surprising element in the film. He has done his best job.

Had the makers taken enough care on technical front, Rowdy would have been classic. Cinematography at times put you off. Film is slick and sharp. Editing is okay but could have been better. Dialogues are fine. Few extra dialogues of Tanikella Bharani (Vedam) may not go well. On whole, Rowdy is far better than recent RGV's films. Rowdy is a breathe of fresh air to Tollywood which is stuck with stereotypical potboilers.

Verdict: Devil (RGV) is Back!