Green Signal

| | 2014-05-30

Revanth, Maanas, Rakshita, Shilpi Sharma and others

Director - Vijay Maddhala
Producer - Rudrapati Ramana Rao
Banner - Maruthi Talkies
Music - JB

One more youthful film targeted at College students is here. Green Signal is a poor copy of Hindi hit Pyar Ka Punchnama.

What is it about?

The story is about four friends who were happy until they fall in love. Everyone's life goes for a toss once they fall for some or the other girl. This film is about their experiences and the lessons learnt in love.


Revanth is alright with looks and Maanas impresses with his simple yet effective portrayal. He is a talent to watch out for. Rakshita is alright as one of the female leads. Shilpa Sharma tries to make a mark with excessive skin show. Dimple is okay. There is nothing much to write about other actors who are mostly mediocre at the best.


Director lifted the basic idea of the film from Hindi hit Pyar Ka Punchnama. But this film clearly lacked the Punch that the original had. Director messed it up big time after the initial few minutes. The director couldn't make some interesting scenes work with his pathetic direction skills. He has resorted to double meaning comedy to keep things flowing, but that turned out to be a utter disaster.

Music: JB's music hardly impresses. None of the songs have repeat value and few of them suddenly pops up making viewers search for the nearest exits. Background score is too loud and out of sync.
Others: Dialogues are good in parts. Cinematography is fine in some sequences. Editing is a letdown. Production values are alright for the film made on a low scale.

Thumbs Up:

Introductory scenes
Maanas performance
Thumbs Down:
Poor Direction
Gay comedy track


Green Signal could have been a decent fare had the director stuck to the basics. He had the material sourced from an impressive Bollywood flick Pyar Ka Punchnama. Despite having that at hands, he made a mess of it by trying to deal it in his own style. There are certain moments that may appeal to the audience that are not aware of Pyar Ka Punchnama.
Those moments are rare and far apart that it will be a huge test to bear the rest of the movie. The movie turns utterly predictable and the extra efforts put in to generate comedy backfired big time. Few scenes will make you cringe and move uncomfortably in your seats. Last half an hour turns out to be a horrible affair that will nullify all other positive aspects of the movie.
Green Signal is a classic example of bad filmmaking. The screenplay of this film will make anybody guess what is coming up next and make them feel like a better filmmaker. Green Signal will go down as one of the bad remakes that have never respected the original. We don't recommend this film for anyone. You may watch it at your own peril.

Caution: Never Cross this Green Signal, it's highly Dangerous!