Jump Jilani

| | 2014-06-12

Allari Naresh, Isha Chawla, Swathi Dixit and others

Director - E. Satti Babu
Producer - Ambica Raja
Banner - Venkateswara Art Productions
Music - Vijay Ebenezer

Allari Naresh who has been running through rough phase in his career has tried his luck again with Jump Jilani. This time in a duel role! Did the dual role work in favor of Naresh to put him back on track?

What is it about?

Sattibabu and Rambabu are twins (Naresh and Naresh). Sattibabu struggles hard to run his small hotel and Rambabu is a thief and gambler. Sattibabu falls in love with Madhavi (Isha Chawla) who belongs to a factionist family. When Sattibabu is making attempts to elope with Madhavi, gambler Rambabu loses a bet and put the hotel at stake.


Allari Naresh did his best in the dual roles. However the script is too weak for Naresh to make it click. He should take care of the subjects to be in business. Isha Chawla is just okay. Swathi Dixit took care of the glamour department. Posani Krishna Murali comedy didn't work out. Rao Ramesh is routine. Kota Srinivasa Rao did his usual bit of supporting role. Raghu Babu's over the top comedy is boring. None of the comedy actors clicked due to poor writing.


Direction: Sattibabu failed big time in making this so called comedy work. The script is too clichéd and stale for the viewers liking. Sattibabu made some fun filled movies in the past. But this time he is handicapped with a weak script and he couldn't do much with it. First half has some good jokes but second half is a big yawn.  

Music: Music is one of the biggest weak links of this film. None of the songs are impressive. Background score is a letdown too.  

Others: Dialogues work here and there. Cinematography has nothing to write about. There is so much lag in the film. Editor is caught sleeping with so much unnecessary stuff making into the final cut.  

Thumbs Up:

Allari Naresh dual roles  

Thumbs Down:            

Analysis: Jump Jilani has a story as old as Charminar and no wonder director is left without clue after a point. You keep wondering about the plot until the interval point. Timid hero going into a factionist family to bring his lover is seen many times already. Even Tagubothu Ramesh character says the same.            

There are many threads included into the story to make it a full 150 minutes movie. Rao Ramesh's track of searching for diamonds, Bharath's track of targeting hero's hotel doesn't make things interesting. Comedy didn't work out for most part of the film and that makes it a painful watch.            

There are two heroines in the film and there absolutely no romance. Characters are poorly written and comedians couldn't do much to make this work. Jump Jilani will easily go down as one more forgettable film for Naresh who is running through lean phase. High time for him to up the ante or else he will be forgotten soon. Jump Jilani is a film where you search for fast forward button all the time. It may not click on TV as well.

Caution: Jump Jilani - Stale Comedy!