Run Raja Run

| | 2014-08-01

Sharwanand, Seerath Kapoor, Sampath, Adivi Sesh and others

Director - Sujith
Producer - V. Vamsi Krishna Red
Banner - U V Creations
Music - Ghibran

Run Raja Run, a small film that has been making buzz among the industry circles is out in theaters now. This is a romantic crime comedy directed by debutante Sujeeth. Sharwanand and Seerath Kapoor did the lead roles in it.

What is it about?

Raja (Sharwanand) is a pampered kid whose only aim is to find a right girl. After breaking up with so many girls, Raja finally falls deeply in love with Priya (Seerath Kapoor). She is the daughter of CP Dileep Kumar (Sampath). Although he appears to be a sincere cop, Dileep has a grey shade to him. Now Raja falls into the trap set by him and the rest of the film is about how he escapes from the clutches of Commissioner.



Sharwanand: He is good in the lead role. He is at ease in doing the role of a happy go lucky guy. His confrontation scenes with Sampath are the best part of the movie. This film will surely give the much required boost for Sharwanand's career.
Seerath Kapoor: She is cute and charming. She did well in spite of being a new comer.
Others: Adivi Seshu has done a brief but very important role in the film. He turns out to be the highlight of the climax sequence. Samapth is very good in the role of wicked police commissioner. After Mirchi he got yet another superb character in this film. Every other actor has done justice to their assigned roles.
Direction: Sujith who has earlier many short films has proved his potential as a feature film director. He took a simple story and narrated it in an impressive way. His grip on entertainment and subtle humor has been the major asset of this film. He is a talent to watch out for.
Music and Cinematography: Music by Ghibaran is very good. All the songs have been shot extremely well. Bujjima song is an instant chartbuster. Background score is also very good. Cinematography by Madhie is another added attraction. Every frame in the film is very colorful and pleasing to eyes. Last song is an absolute delight in terms of cinematography.
Others: Editing is neat. Art work is good. Dialogues are witty. Producers have made this a quality product without compromising on the richness.
Thumbs Up:

Sharwanand performance
Thumbs Down:

Limited Appeal

Analysis: Run Raja Run is made for urban audience. This film never tried to impress all the sections of audience. So it may disappoint the viewers who are looking for action and other commercial elements. Director keeps it simple throughout the film. Despite having the backdrop of crime, Run Raja Run ends up as pure fun film.

Sharwanand not having any image is a boon for this film. Audience will go to the film without any expectations and will leave the theaters more than satisfied due to the high entertainment value in it. The film breezes off until the interval point with some fun moments and romantic scenes. When we prepare ourselves of watching a romantic film, director gives a nice spin to it and it turns out to be crime comedy.

Second half also has very good moments that will satisfy the audience who are looking for a break from the routine films. In spite of being novel it never misses the entertainment and that makes it a winner. It will be lapped up by the youngsters and A centers audience. We have to wait for few more days to see how well the masses receive it. Run Raja Run strikes the right chords for the target audience though. Watch it.

Verdict: Entertainment at its best!