| | 2014-08-15

Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita, Tejaswi, Saptagiri and others

Director - Harinath
Producer - Naga Vamsi, Mahendra
Banner - Mayabazar Movies
Music - JB

Martuhi has penned the script for this film besides presenting it. Sumanth Ashwin, who made an impression with Antaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha is the hero and Nanditha, who scored a hit with Prema Katha Chitram is the heroine.

What is it about?

Chitra (Nanditha) hates the concept of love. She thinks that every guy is a flirt and never lets her friends to fall in the trap of love. Siddhu (Sumanth) falls in love with Chitra and he has to find a way to get close to her. How does he change the opinion of Chitra on love?


Sumanth Ashwin and Nanditha:  Sumanth Ashwin has improved as an actor. He is easy on eyes and very confident in facing the camera. He is good at comedy too. Nanditha has proved her caliber in her earlier films itself. She did well in this film too. She must consider herself lucky for bagging meaty roles when most of the heroines are being limited to songs these days.

Saptagiri steals the show with his mad comedy act. He brings the house down every time he is on screen. Sai complemented Saptagiri with some nice punch lines. Anitha Chowdary's performance is dramatic.

Harinath's direction is fine. Maruthi made his job easy by providing entire script for the film. Harinath handled the entertainment part in a commendable way. Maruthi's story and screenplay are just okay. There is nothing much to write about the story and screenplay of this film. He covered up the weaknesses in the script with comedy. Few Dialogues are hilarious. Music by JB is alright. Cinematography is neat.
Thumbs Up:

Entertainment Factor
Saptagiri Comedy Track
Hero and Heroine
Thumbs Down:

Weak Story
Poor Screenplay


Lovers has a very ordinary storyline to start with. There is nothing exciting or new about this concept. We have seen this previously in many romantic comedies. In fact everything that involves hero and heroine is boring. Neither writer nor the director noticed the weakness in the main plot. Despite being titled Lovers and focusing on Love, there is hardly any chemistry between the lead characters.Weakness in the story has been filled in by high doses of humor. Saptagiri, who shot to fame with Prema Katha Chitram is on fire in this film. His spoofs on Attarintiki Daredi and Magadheera are the major highlight of Lovers. Had the writer put extra efforts on penning the main plot Lovers could have been a memorable movie.  Lovers is not a must watch movie but it can be watched once. Thanks to Saptagiri's hilarious comedy track and some entertaining scenes in the first half. This film is made on a decent budget and the release date is perfectly timed. Lovers will surely make the most of this long weekend.

Verdict:  Lovers - Comedy Clicks!