| | 2014-09-26

Gopichand, Rakul Preet Singh, Brahmanandam, Sampath and Others

Director - Sriwass
Producer - Anand Prasad
Banner - Bhavya Creations
Music - Anup Rubens

Gopichand has been running through struggling phase with a series of flops and average films. He teamed up with Lakshyam director Sriwass and they banked on comedy entertainer this time.

What is it about?

Venky (Gopichand) falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakul Preeth) in first sight. She is the sister of a rowdy called Babji (Sampath). Now Venky has to find a way to marry Chandrakala without hurting Babji, who doesn’t know that his other sister has eloped with the help of Venky. Then starts the mind games of Venky who fools everyone and marries Chandrakala.


Gopichand: Gopichand shed his action hero image and played the role of an intelligent guy who uses mind tricks rather flexing muscles all the time. He did well within his limitations.
Rakul Preeth Singh: Rakul is cute and she can perform too. She could be the next big thing in Tollywood if she carefully plans her career.
Others: Sampath Raj is alright. Brahmanandam excels in the role of Sippy. Chandra Mohan also is funny. Mukesh Rishi and Rahul Dev have nothing much to do. Hamsa Nandini sizzled in an item song. Prithvi steals the show as Boiling Star Bablu.
Direction: Sriwass kept it simple and concentrated on entertainment. He could have made this an action packed entertainer, but there is very little action and ample comedy in the film. He handled the film well despite having a very huge star cast.

Others: Sridhar Seepana's story is wafer thin but ace writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan have written an entertaining screenplay and kept the audience interested from start to end. Dialogues are good. Anup Rubens music is passable. Cinematography and editing are good.
Thumbs Up:

Rakul Preeth Singh
Prithvi character
Thumbs Down:

Routine story
Uninteresting first half


Loukyam is a mix of many successful entertainers. It is very predictable right from the outset, but still works due to entertainment. First half of the film is good in bits and pieces, with Brahmi entering the show straightaway. Loukyam seems pretty average until the interval point, but it takes hilarious turn in the second half.
Brahmanandam, Chandra Mohan, Hamsa Nandini and others along with the lead cast makes it an entertaining watch and Prithvi Raj's comedy in the climax is an icing on the cake. Although there is nothing to take home and hardly anything novel about the film, there is enough comedy to keep you entertained.
Loukyam is an entertaining film that can be happily watched once. However audience that expects explosive action scenes with Gopichand in the lead will be disappointed. True to its title, the film's hero is a diplomatic person. He solves most of his problems by using his intelligence. Comedy lovers will surely love Loukyam. This film should do better than all of recent Gopichand's films. Range will depend on the result of other films that are going to release in this season.
Verdict: Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!