| | 2014-10-10

Sai Ram Shankar, Adonika Rodricks and Others

Director - Gopi Ganesh
Producer - Dorai Swamy
Banner - Touch Stone Productions
Music - Sunil Kashyap

Sai Ram Shankar, who has been struggling to get a break as hero has come up with Romeo, penned by his brother Puri Jagannadh. Gopi Ganesh made debut with this film.

What is it about?

Kittu (Sai Ram) keeps stalking Samantha (Adonika Rodricks) who has come to visit Rome. His motive is not known until he reveals his sad love story. Kittu's lover who passed away few months ago looks exactly like Samantha. Now Kittu wants Samantha to be with him and come along with him to his place.


Sai Ram Shankar:

Sai Ram Shankar is alright within his limitations. However he doesn't have the screen presence to pull these kind of scripts all by his own. He is good in the scenes where he tortures the heroine with his stupid ideologies.

Adonica Rodriks:

Someone like Colors Swathi could have made this character loveable with her charm. Adonica is okay but has very limited talent and not so appealing.


All other members of the star cast have played cameos. Everyone is credited only in the Thanks card suggesting that all of them have done special appearances for the sake of Puri Jagannadh. Raviteja's cameo is good. Perhaps his presence is the only positive point in this film. Subbaraju hams and Jayasudha appears in a tear jerking cameo.  



Gopi Ganesh has done the best he could do with a lackluster script. He knows his craft well, but is handicapped by a poor script written by a star director.


Music by Sunil Kashyap is passable. He scored the loud tunes that are usually associated with most of Puri's films. Cinematography is neat. Editing is alright. Puri Jagannadh failed terribly as the writer. Underdeveloped story and silly dialogue make it a boring fare.

Thumbs Up:

Raviteja's cameo

Thumbs Down:

Puri Jagan's story and dialogues
Lead Pair


This film starts off without establishing the characters. Somehow Puri opted to open it in midway which didn't work out at all. He tried to do an experiment to keep all the supporting cast away from the lead pair. We can only see other characters conversing on phone with the lead pair. This is some sort of experiment and could have worked if the writer put some thought into it.

One should feel the pain of the hero who lost his lover and bumped into someone who looks exactly like her. Instead of developing the idea into a sensible love story, Puri made it into a senseless one. Audience will be left clueless until the interval scene. Second half becomes unbearable after a point.

Writer and director conveniently made an excuse for the heroine to choose hero over Subba Raju. A love story couldn't end as pathetic as this one. Writer and director didn't bother about the sensibilities they are dealing with. They didn't show any respect to the feeling of love and someone who has great respect to Love will be left seriously offended by this film. Only thing that is pleasing is the locations that this film is shot. No wonder this film took so many months to hit the screens. Watch it at your own peril.

Verdict: Senseless Love story!