Rowdy Fellow

| | 2014-11-21

Nara Rohit, Visakha Singh, Rao Ramesh and others

Director - Krishna Chaitanya
Producer - Prakash Reddy
Banner - Moviemills
Music - MR Sunny

Nara Rohit who has a knack of selecting good scripts has come up with yet another interesting script. Rowdy Fellow has an engaging premise and technically sound output, but fails somewhere in execution to end up as an average fare.

What is it about?

Sub Inspector Rana Pratap (Rohit) locks horns with politician Durga Prasad (Rao Ramesh) and this film is about how the police bring down an influential politician. Durga Prasad does anything to come into power and enjoys creating fear in people. Rana is equally arrogant and egoistic person. In between there is a sub plot of Rana falling in love with a naughty girl (Visakha).


Nara Rohit: Nara Rohit is pretty impressive in the title role. He has a very good screen presence and terrific voice. This is by far his best performance. It is a treat to watch him confront Rao Ramesh in this film.

Others: Visakha Singh is alright in her limited role. Posani Krishna Murali played a full length comedy role. He entertains a lot. Rao Ramesh is splendid in the role that reminds you of his father in Mutyala Muggu. Ajay is okay. Gollapudi Maruti Rao makes his presence felt.

On the Technical Front:

Lyricist turned director Krishna Chaitanya surprises us with his command over all the crafts of filmmaking. This is very good product from a first timer. He has given a quality product with limited resources. He should have taken care about the script though.

MR Sunny's music is good. Cinematography stands out. Editing could have been crisper. Dialogues are very good. Rowdy Fellow is a technically sound film. All the departments have done their job well. Technically this small film will stand right up there with the biggies in terms of quality.


Rowdy Fellow has very good premise and strong characters. It starts off on a promising note, but fails to run at good pace. Things move too slowly and the real conflict of the movie is delayed until the interval point. So the film drags until the interval in spite of having few entertaining scenes in between.

Rohit comes with a mission to teach a lesson to SP. He forgets that just passes the time by teasing the heroine and her friends all the time. Things get better after his confrontation with an old lady and it starts to grab audience's attention. Second half is based on the war between hero and villain. Suddenly heroine goes out of scene and everything takes back seat. Although second half is slightly better than the first half, it gets interesting only towards the penultimate scenes.

Last twenty minutes of the film is highly emotional. This is the best part of the film. Rowdy Fellow is different from routine cop dramas, but the slow pace makes it less appealing. Director should have taken care about the pointless first hour and slow pacing to make it a better product. You may watch it for its different approach and technical finesse.  

Verdict: Average Cop Drama

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