Rendu Rellu Naluge

| | 2014-12-05

Harsha, Mohan, Christine Miller

Director - Dharma Donepudi
Producer - Hippo Media
Banner - Hippo Media
Music - Srikanth Devarajan

Like never-before, Tollywood is flooded with small-ticket films. While few turned out dark horses, many have vanished without a trace in no time. With 2014 is all set to be wrapped up, a slew of small-budget films are jostling to test their luck at the ticket windows. Rendu Rellu Naluge, which just-released this week alongside 10 other releases, falls in the same line. Hollywood actress Christine Miller (of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' fame) is making her T-town debut, the movie managed to grab few eye-balls.  Let's check out our verdict.


Simply put, it's a tale of two friends Shankar (Mohan) and Abhimanyu (Harsha) living in United States as expats.  Due to dramatic and sudden turn of events, the duo lost their legal status and compelled to settle for menial jobs. Shankar and Abhimanyu are now on a mission to get a Green Card of their own and then they confront Natasha (Christine Miller). How does the duo cope up with the consequences?


The film's principal cast comes through flying colours. Harsha, who essayed the role of Abhimanyu, is perfect in his part. Mohan as Shankar delivers decent performance in a role that has many shades ranging from comedy to emotion. His action during the dating scene brings a smile. And it's a tailor-made role for Christine as she fits the bill aptly. The other cast are just okay.


Given that it's launch film for director Dharma, he has done a fair job within the limitations of budget. Cinematography is decent and songs are OK.


Like many other films set in the backdrop of US, this oft-repeated tale has shades of several coming of age dramas told earlier in Telugu and elsewhere. The first half is so slow that you could easily avoid watching it and still you manage to understand the film. Second half is relatively better compared to first part. Placement of the songs mars the film's narrative and disconnects one from the film. Regular "commercial" elements are missing to a major extent and this movie is more of a multiplex targeted rather than single screens. The film's stumbling block is its serious content as it sans entertainment quotient.

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Verdict:  Rendu Rellu Rende

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