The End

| | 2014-12-05

Yuva Chandraa, Sudheer Reddy, Pavani Reddy, Gazal Somaiah

Director - Rahul Sankrityan
Producer - Koteswara Rao
Banner - Friday Films
Music - Hari and Vamsi

It's not every Friday that a Telugu movie-goer get to watch a film like "The End". Helmed by an award-winning short filmmaker Rahul, the film's trailer succeeded in creating curiosity over the film. And yes, the movie lived up to its expectations. It's a breath of fresh air amidst a bunch of waste films churned out this week and turned out to be winner.


The End revolves around two couples Priya (Pavani Reddy), Rajeev Mathews (Sudheer Reddy) and Gautham (Yuva Chandra), Rekha (Gazal Somaiah). While Priya and Rajeev are happily married and staying in their own villa in the outskirts of Hyderabad,  Gautham, who happens to be common-friend of Priya and Rajeev, is a UK-return medical graduate planning to set up his own hospital. Meanwhile, few untoward incidents took place in Priya-Rajeev's villa. A female construction worker accidentally dies in a water-less pool in the villa. The story here takes a major u-turn as turbulence surfaces in Priya and Rajeev's personal life and marital life. That changes the life of Rajeev, Priya and Gautham forever.


Director Rahul recruited reasonably good cast who genuinely performed well. Especially Pavani Reddy's acting as a ghost stands out in the film despite very short screen presence. Side-kicks like Venu (Watchman) tickles few funny bones with his "Baahubali" comedy.


It's a director's film all the way. Right from its beginning to the end, director's mark is visibly seen throughout the film. As the movie has no crowd-pulling element, the director totally relied on the story and screenplay. The editing could have been tighter. Background score is up to the mark and cinematography is passable.


Kudos to first-timer director Rahul who carefully crafted the film making sure all logics are in place and there are no loose ends. He roped in good cast who played their parts well. Good story-line, a well-written screenplay, nice background score have worked in favour of the film. Among the cast, Pavani Reddy comes out flying colours despite her brief presence as the whole story revolves around her.

However, what the debutante director can't avoid is the lagging in narrative. The director eats chunk of audience time and the real story begins only after a while. While the first-half of the film appears to have lengthy, it's the second half that stands the film as a winner amidst several other releases. Especially, the final twist in the climax makes the film a spell-binding, engaging. Although the makers claim it as a horror, The End is neither creepy nor horrific. It's rather a crime thriller. Still, it makes for a good watch. It is an honest attempt by newcomers. Hope The End will be the beginning of "meaningful" films and the End of "logic-less" films in Telugu Film Industry.

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Film's pace
Nothing scary

Bottom line: End makes for a Good watch