Raghuvaran BTech

| | 2015-01-01

Dhanush, Amala Paul and others

Director - Velraj
Producer - Ravi Kishore
Banner - Sravanthi Movies
Music - Anirudh

Dhanush starrer VIP was a good hit in Tamil. This film is dubbed in Telugu as Raghuvaran BTech. It has some very good moments in the first half, but slips down in the second hour.

What is it about?

Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is a talented but unemployed engineer. When he finally gets a chance to prove his worth, few big shots try to bring him down. How Raghuvaran stands against all the odds and achieve his goal forms the story of this film.  


Dhanush is superb in the role of Raghuvaran. He is equally good in comedy and action scenes. He is the main pillar of this film and has done hundred percent justice to his character. Amala Paul is natural. Samuthirakani played the role of Dhanush's father and he is too good in it. Vivek is fine in the supporting role. Saranya is decent as the mother of protagonist.

On the Technical Front:

Director Velraj kept it simple and relied upon the skills of Dhanush. There are few nice moments in the first half which is highly entertaining. Direction could have been better in the second half. Editing is alright. Cinematography is topnotch. Music scored by Anirudh is good. Songs were better in the Tamil version. Background Music deserves an award. Dialogue writer did well in translating well written Tamil dialogs.


Raghuvaran BTech is a usual story where the protagonist achieves big from being a zero. Director did his best to make it a commercial entertainer with all the necessary elements. First half is entertaining with typical characterization of Dhanush. Second half mainly concentrates upon the hero-villain tug of war.

Screenplay slows down in the second half due to too much focus on the project that Dhanush handles. Director should have concentrated upon the romance track in the second half, which is completely ignored after a point. There are few hero elevation scenes that play to the galleries. This film will certainly earn few fans for Dhanush in Telugu.

Raghuvaran BTech can be watched once for Dhanush's superb performance and entertaining first half. But you will be left bit disappointed with the second half. Dhanush's popularity played huge role in the success of VIP. However Raghuvaran may not be benefited as Dhanush doesn't have bankable market in Telugu.

Verdict: Typical Dhanush brand of commercial entertainment.