| | 2016-04-01

Nara Rohith, Nanditha, Ajay, Murali Sharma and Others

Director - Pavan Sadineni
Producer - V.B. Rajendra Prasad
Banner - Vision Filmmakers
Music - Shravan

Nara Rohith is back with Savitri after his recently released Tuntari failed to live up to his expectations. Pavan Sadineni who has previously made Prema Ishq Kadhal is the director of Savitri. It is a romantic family drama with all the commercial elements thrown in to cater to the majority of film lovers. Is Savitri the movie that Rohith was waiting for?

What is it about?

Savitri (Nanditha) is born in a wedding ceremony and she always dreams of getting married. Savitri's marriage is finally fixed with some x and while she is on a journey to Shirdi on a train she bumps into Rishi (Rohith), who falls in love with her in the first sight. Rishi isn't aware of the fact that Savitri is the girl that his parents have seen for him. He messes up things and has to get things straight before Savitri is married to some NRI.


Nara Rohith is okay as Rishi. There is nothing noteworthy about his performance. He tried his hand at commercial cinema and mouthed few punch dialogue. Nara family fans might be impressed to see Rohith in a mass avatar. Nanditha is good as Savitri. Murali Sharma gets another soft yet stubborn character. Ajay is good as a caring brother. Ravibabu, Posani, Prabhas Sreenu and Rajesh have done their best to keep us entertained.


Pavan's debut film was a different romantic drama. He has opted to do a commercial entertainer as his second film. Apart from few glimpses of directorial brilliance, Pavan has failed to deliver the goods for Savitri. His brand of humor may not impress many. Pavan should have made something different with Rohith as the actor is known for making offbeat films.

Music is alright but nothing exceptional about it. Cinematography is good. Dialogues are good in parts. Production values and the art work stands out. Each and every frame of the film looks grand.

Thumbs Up:

Comedy in parts

Thumbs Down:





Savitri suffers due to the half baked script. It is surprising to see many of Rohith's films face the same problem. In spite of having interesting premise Rohith's films fail as they are half baked. Savitri is no different. It has its moments but fails to hold the viewers interest all the way.

First half is so-so as the director follows a commercial template. Interval twist is okay but not entirely unpredictable. Second half is treated like a pure commercial film by glorifying the hero. A different approach to the second half might have made this an interesting movie but the director preferred to play safe.

Director focused upon the comedy but Savitri only offers occasional laughs. The script and treatment is too old that it gets boring as it moves forward. Rohith is clearly trying to break from the routine. However his real strength lies in the serious cinema. Casual characters are not his cup of tea. Maybe it's time for a bit of introspection before he slides furthermore.

Verdict: Script is too old like its title.