Sardaar Gabbar Singh

| | 2016-04-08

Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Agarwal, Sarad Khelkar, Ali and Others

Director - Ravindra (Bobby)
Producer - Sharath Marar, Sunil Lulla
Banner - Northstar Entertainments
Music - Devi Sri Prasad

Sardaar Gabbar Singh is believed to be the biggest film from Tollywood after Baahubali. The film was riding on many expectations that the buyers have spent a bomb on it. Sardaar Gabbar Singh has done pre release business close to that of Baahubali's which is no mean feat by any yardstick. This is just a proof of Pawan Kalyan's star power and craze at the moment. Sardaar is one of those films that must be a blockbuster and blockbuster only to make the investors happy. Which means the team couldn't afford to make one wrong move. Unfortunately, SGS turned out to be a disappointing fare by all means. There are not one but many things that have gone wrong with this film.

What is it about?

Sardaar (Pawan Kalyan) comes to Rathanpur a village in Chattisghad that is ruled by a feudal lord called Bhairav Singh (Sharad Khelkar). Sardaar is a maverick cop who likes to play around and he falls in love with Princess in distress Arshi (Kajal). Sardaar confronts Bhairav, who is eyeing the princess. What will Sardar do to save his love and the people of Rathanpur?


Pawan Kalyan: It is purely one man show of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. He is there in ninety five percent of the movie. It looked as if he is almost giving his best shot from saving this from being a disaster. He did everything he can possibly do in a film. Pawan was so determined to impress the fans by hook or crook that he went on to imitate Chiranjeevi's iconic veena step. Despite his hard work and antics and energy and what not Pawan couldn't save the day for Sardaar.

Others: Kajal Agarwal does look like a damsel in distress. She doesn't have that princely charm that she had in Magadheera. She looked tired and pale in most of the scenes. Her performance is alright. Sharad Khelkar looks tough as the villain. Dubbing artist has done a phenomenal job for him. However his character is poorly etched. There are loads of comedians around Pawan Kalyan. Ali's presence is felt as he gets to mouth few punch dialogues. Brahmanandam's comedy didn't work. Mukesh Rushi, Brahmaji and Urvashi have done their bit. Lakshmi Rai is gorgeous in the item song, but Sanjana almost goes unnoticed in many scenes.


Story, Screenplay and Direction: Pawan Kalyan has written the story and screenplay for this film. He has earlier done this for Jhonny and is also one of the writers for Gudumba Shankar. Once again it is a botched up job by Pawan Kalyan as the writer. He couldn't excel as the screenplay writer and couldn't hold the film together.

Bobby has simply followed the script written by Pawan Kalyan. There is nothing he could bring to the table to make this an engaging watch. Direction is plain ordinary in many scenes.

Others: Music by Devi Sri Prasad is not up to the mark. There is not even one chartbuster song in the film. Tauba Tauba has been shot well. Background score is good in parts. Editing could have been a lot better. Cinematography is neat. Art director Brahma Kadali did a fine job in recreating the rustic look of Rathanpur. Sets are impressive. Dialogues are good. Production values are impressive.

Thumbs Up:

Pawan Kalyan

Comedy in parts

Thumbs Down:


Second Half


Sardaar Gabbar Singh has an okay story that is enough to be a good commercial film. The film starts off well and keeps you entertained for almost an hour. It is all downhill thereafter as the screenplay goes haywire. Comedy scenes and the main plot are out of sync in entire second half. There is a desperate attempt to entertain the viewers but the narrative is so bad that we couldn't connect with the emotions of the characters.

Many scenes are abruptly cut and not properly conceived that it is almost watching like a stage play at times. Pawan Kalyan's screen presence and his antics are the only saving grace that will keep you seated until the end. Pawan makes sure to reward the audience that stays till the end with his Sangeeth dances.

Pawan should have opted for popular songs which could have made this Sangeeth scene even more effective. The much hyped veena dance bit is just okay. There is no strong conflict and there is no depth in the emotions which will make Sardaar Gabbar Singh a tedious watch after the first hour. This film doesn't even have a blockbuster audio or something that seems paisa vasool except for Pawan's mannerisms. It is a film made for fans and it may appeal to the hardcore fans of Power star. Sardaar Gabbar Singh will put the patience to test for others. This is definitely not a film that deserves all this hype and hoopla. Keep your expectations in check.

Verdict: Pawan Kalyan is the only Saving grace for Sardaar.

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