| | 2016-05-06

Suriya, Samantha, Nitya Menon, Ajay and Others

Director - Vikram Kumar
Producer - Surya
Banner - Studio Green
Music - A.R. Rahman

24 has caught every film lover's attention with its intriguing promos. Vikram Kumar's previous film Manam has set a bar high for the director and people expected something exceptional from him again. Vikram Kumar's 24 is a science fiction drama about time travel. It is a very complicated plot but Vikram Kumar makes it simple and very understandable, and all the more enjoyable.

What is it about?

Scientist Siva Kumar (Surya) invents a watch that can control the time. His evil twin brother Athreya (Surya) is after the watch. He kills Siva Kumar and his wife (Nitya), but Siva Kumar makes sure his baby boy is in the safe hands. He also leaves the watch along with the baby. The boy grows up to be Mani (Surya) a watch mechanic. Athreya wakes up from coma after twenty six years and tries to restart the project 24. He gives an advertisement to find if someone can make his dream come true. An intrigued Mani goes to Athreya to find the truth behind the watch, but Athreya catches him and kills him and take possession of the watch. What happens next?


Surya is just mind blowing in the role of Athreya. His expressions are priceless as he portrays the evilness of the character just by sitting in a wheel chair. Surya is also good as the scientist and as charming as ever as Mani. Samantha is good within the character's limitations. Nitya Menon has a brief role to play. Ajay is good. Saranya is impressive.


Vikram Kumar has once again come up with an out-of-the-box idea and tried to narrate it in a very simple manner that most of the people could understand. He has masterfully executed the main plot of the movie. This film will put him in the league of great directors that Indian cinema has ever produced.

Rahman's background score is very good. Songs could have been better. There are only a few songs in the film and we expect far better output from the Oscar winner. Cinematography is one of the major highlights of the film. Thirru has done a fabulous job in bringing the imaginary world of the director to life. Editing is fine. Production values and VFX is top notch.

Thumbs Up:





Thumbs Down:

Samantha episodes

Slow pace

Limited appeal


Despite Vikram Kumar's best efforts to make this an appealing movie to the majority of audience, the concept may not be easily grasped by the frontbenchers. This may impact the film's prospects at the box office. 24 is not a perfect film as it has its share of flaws and problems.

Director failed to strike a balance between the colorful romantic side of the story with its grey side. The film looks entirely different whenever Atreya comes on screen. Vikram Kumar should have toned down the Surya-Samantha track. He could have edited out few bits from that episode as it comes as a major speed bump on a thrilling ride.

Although 24 has limited appeal and has its minuses it is one of the best movies in recent times. We won't get to see such ideas being executed by our filmmakers where the majority of audience loves to watch the masala stuff. Vikram Kumar needs a pat on the back for exploring something unusual and Suriya should be lauded for backing such an innovative idea. 24 is a must watch for audience that are craving something different in an Indian film.

Verdict: Two Thumbs up.

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