| | 2016-07-29

Sunil, Mannara, Kabir, Prudhvi, Sapthagiri and Others

Director - Vamsi Krishna Akella
Producer - R Sudharshan Reddy
Banner - RPA Creations
Music - Dinesh

'Sunil is Back to entertain' is the tagline for Jakkanna. One would hope that Sunil has learnt from his previous mistakes and gone back to doing what he is best at, comedy! However, Jakkanna turns out to be another tedious fare trying hard to entertain. Sunil hasn't learned anything from Krishnashtami's failure. Jakkanna is one more poorly made commercial entertainer that will put your patience to test.

What is it about?

Ganesh alias Jakkanna (Sunil) is so influenced by a childhood story told by his father. He will do anything for someone who helps him. He comes to city in search of Bhairagi (Kabir) who has saved his life in the past. He learns that Bhairagi's life is under threat and decides to stay with him. But Bhairagi gets irritated by Ganesh and plans to get rid of him. Ganesh also falls in love with Bhairagi's sister (Mannara).


There are traces of Sunil we loved so much, but for most part he is like any other hero doing fights and running around the trees. Sunil is at home in comedy. He has put on some weight, which is a good sign, as he is more presentable in this look. Mannara neither has the charm nor the talent. She is a bad choice for the heroine character. She was supposed to look naive and charming, but Mannara is anything but cute. Kabir is menacing as the villain. Satya Prakash got a meaty role after a very long time. Saptagiri's comedy is good in parts. Prudhvi is routine but ups the ante for an otherwise lackluster film.


Vamsi Krishna Akella's plot seems interesting. Hero trying to save villain from his enemies is a nice idea. One could have made a wholesome entertainer with such a plot. Vamsi tried his best to have lots of comedy but only a few scenes clicked and the rest fell flat.

Dinesh's music is mediocre. Not even one song is catchy. Cinematography is good though. Songs were visually appealing with rich locales. Editing is alright. Dialogues are unimpressive with unending rhyming words thrown into every line. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:

Comedy in parts

Thumbs Down:

Boring first half

Routine treatment

Mannara Chopra


Jakkanna is like every other commercial film that simply waits until the interval point to reveal the plot. Director Vamsi Krishna Akella couldn't hold the film together until that point. First half of Jakkanna is a giant yawn. Although the film gets slightly better in the second half with some comedy parts clicking, it was not enough to make us forget the pain we have been through during the first hour.

In the first half, one would get restless watching all sort of nonsense as the director wanted to hold the interesting point until the intermission scene to end the first half with a bang. Sunil setting up Kabir's family to fool Prudhvi is funny. There are some thrilling scenes where Sunil saves Kabir from his enemies. Sunil keeps on saying that he has come to help Kabir, but we don't get the logic behind exposing his identity that puts him in bigger trouble.

We can't expect logics in a commercial film, but the whole point was based upon protagonist's helping nature. All he does is putting his 'savior' in endless trouble. Second half may appeal to the masses as some comedy scenes were directly targeted at them. However Jakkanna is a huge mess that few comedy scenes couldn't save it. On the whole, Jakkanna is yet another disappointment from Sunil, the ace comedian. Watch it at your own peril.

Verdict: What a waste of Sunil!

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