| | 2016-08-20

Aadi, Namitha Prasad, Sai Kumar, Prudhvi, Ali, Abhimanyu Singh and Others

Director - Veerabhadram
Producer - Venkat Talari, Ram Talluri
Banner - Shri Aishwarya Lakshmi Movies
Music - Thaman

It has been a while since Lovely Star Aadi has delivered a hit. After a series of flop films, Aadi has teamed up with Veerabhadram, who made Bhai with Nagarjuna earlier. Both the director and hero are in bad shape and in desperate need of a success. Will Chuttalabbayi be the break they were looking for?

What is it about?

Babji (Aadi) is a recovery agent who bumps into Kavya (Namita), sister of a strict police officer. Kavya's brother mistakes that Babji is after his sister. Babji is pushed into a situation where he had to accompany Kavya who is running away from home. While policemen are searching for Babji and Kavya, another group of people start hunting for Kavya. Babji and Kavya are saved by Dorababu (Sai Kumar) when they were attacked by the two groups. Who is Dorababu? Why did he save the couple?


Aadi is picking roles that don't give him any scope to show his acting chops. Looks like he is obsessed with action hero image as he is choosing similar kind of characters in every film. He has been turned down by the audience in similar characters before, but Aadi is forcing them to accept him doing the same stuff. Namitha Pramod got the looks and talent. She is a treat to watch. Sai Kumar did a powerful character that adds value to the film. Abhimanyu Singh is okay in the police role. Prudhvi's comedy is the saving grace for this film. Ali's cameo towards the climax offered few laughs.


Veerabhadram plays it safe with a template story and screenplay. Chuttalabbayi doesn't offer a wee bit of freshness in any form. Director has to blame himself for writing such a weak script. Thaman's music is a plus. Arun Kumar's camera work also is impressive. Production values are good but the editing is a letdown.

Thumbs Up:

A couple of songs
Prudhvi comedy

Thumbs Down:

Script and execution
Bland characters
Boring second half


First half of the film is passable with routine comedy and action episodes. Second half is absolutely boring with repetitive scenes and weak villains. Veerabhadram banked upon Prudhvi and Ali's comedy to bail this one out. Prudhvi almost pulled it off with his act as Ego Reddy. Director committed a blunder by concluding Prudhvi's character at the interval point.

Extending Prudhvi's role would have made it a better one as the second half struggled due to lack of comedy. Underutilizing the characters of Sai Kumar and Abhimanyu Singh didn't help either. We expect something like Pandem Kodi kind of action in the second hour after looking at Sai Kumar's introduction.

None of the characters are properly etched and the film has suffered a lot because of it. Veerabhadram rehashed comedy episodes and sentiment scenes from other films to make this work. He even went on to copy a fight scene from NTR's Brindavanam. Despite all that Chuttalabbayi ended up as a boring fare. Aadi should hereby be careful with his script selection as he may not get many offers if he continues to fail like this.

Verdict: Boring Babai.