Eedu Gold Ehe

| | 2016-10-07

Sunil, Sushma, Richa Panai, Naresh, Prudhvi, Puneet Issar, Vennela Kishore, Posani and Others

Director - Veeru Potla
Producer - Sunkara Rama Brahmam
Banner - AK Entertainments
Music - Sagar Mahathi

Sunil promised to offer a full fledged comedy with Eedu Gold Ehe as his fans have been complaining about the lack of comedy in his films lately. It looked like a fun ride from its trailers, but Eedu Gold Ehe turned out to be a crime comedy that neither entertains nor thrills. It is quite shocking to see such a lame film from Veeru Potla who is known to have a good grip over entertainment.

What is it about?

Bangarraju (Sunil) is an orphan who comes to Hyderabad in search of a job. He saves a lady (Jayasudha) from a goon and she takes him under her wing. Bangarraju also gets a job and also finds a girl (Sushma). Things take an unfortunate turn when a dreaded don (Puneet) comes after him in search of a missing golden idol. Bangarraju comes to know that there is another person called Sunil Varma who looks exactly like him. Bangarraju is forced to find his whereabouts as his and his loved ones lives are in danger because of Sunil Varma's acts.


Sunil is at home while doing comedy scenes. His fans would love to see him back in the comedy mode. Sunil tried his hand at action once again. There are a lot of heavy action episodes towards the climax, which shows his liking towards such scenes. Sushma Raj and Richa Panai provide eye candy with their glamour. Puneeth Issar hams a lot. Prudhvi shines during the climax scenes. Vennela Kishore and Shankar did their bit. Jayasudha has been wasted in a overdramatic character.


Veeru Potla should have focused upon the comedy part than making it a masala film. There is potential in the subject, but it has gone haywire due to bad execution. This is Potla's weakest film to date. We expect better film from the director as he got ample time to write script. However, what Veeru offered is a film that has mediocrity stamped all over it.

Sagar Mahathi's music is not impressive. Background score sounds amateurish. Cinematography is very ordinary. Rhyming dialogues lacked the desired punch. Production values are poor. Editor did his best to keep the runtime short.

Thumbs Up:

Prudhvi's comedy

Thumbs Down:

Everything except few comedy scenes                      


Eedu Gold Ehe would've been a fine comedy caper with focus upon the suspense and fun elements. Instead the director opted to make it a wholesome film with all elements that caters to different section of audience. It is a blunder because viewers expect comedy from a Sunil starrer. They don't care if the film has a heroine or action or songs, if the comedy is served in right portions.

Veeru Potla has given more runtime for the comedy and fun scenes. However most of the scenes didn't work due to poor writing. Shakalaka Shankar's comedy track hardly entertains. Vennela Kishore's track is over the top. Prudhvi's part is the only one that offered good laughs. Surprisingly Sunil didn't get much scope to do comedy. However the ace comedian tried to evoke fun with his antics.

As the content is weak and comedy poor, director had to bank upon other elements to please the audience. There is too much of skin show in Eedu Gold Ehe, which is absolutely not needed for a comedy film. Second half seems better compared to the bizarre first half. Second half moves at a fast pace with some unexpected twists. Comedy gets better in this hour, but not to an extent to save this mess of a movie.

It is yet another disappointing film from Sunil who is not learning from his failures. He needs to get the basics right before he starts losing his loyal audience. Making such a lousy and loud film may affect Potla's prospects as a director. Sunil was able to pull off some substandard products earlier. Let's see if he could repeat the feat and save this from being a dud.

Verdict: Idhi Sodhi Ehe