| | 2016-12-01

Vijay Antony, Arundathi Nair, Charu Hasan and Others

Director - Pradeep Krishnamurthy
Producer - Fathima Vijay Antony
Banner - Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Music - Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony's previous film Bichagadu has created sensation at Telugu box office. His latest film Bethaludu garnered so much attention for obvious reasons. Promos and the ten minute opening sequence from the film created curiosity among the filmgoers. Bethaludu is a psychological thriller that has many twists and turns. Can Vijay Antony pull off another big hit like Bichagadu with it?

What is it about?

Dinesh (Vijay Antony) is an intelligent software engineer who marries an orphan girl Aishwarya (Arundhati). Everything is fine for Dinesh until he starts hearing inner voices. He develops suicidal tendencies and also turns out to be the reason for his friend's death. He seeks the help of a psychiatrist and comes to know that he is haunted by his past life. He was brutally killed by his own wife Jayalakshmi in that life and wants to avenge for it now. So where is Jayalakshmi? How does Dinesh come out of this mess?


Vijay Antony has once again picked up a nice story. He suits the character of an ordinary man caught in a helpless situation. He should work on his facial expressions though. Arudhati is a fine actress. She is particularly good in emotional scenes. Most of the star cast is unknown to us. Charuhaasan is back on screen after a very long time.


Pradeep's direction and screenplay are pretty impressive until the first half. It is perfectly setup in the first half, but goes downhill in the second hour. Director did well to connect the dots, however he has lost grip on the narration post interval. Penultimate scenes are totally out of sync and disconnected with the initial setup.

Background score is very good. Cinematography and production design are impressive too. Editing is fine. Production values are decent. Bethaludu is technically sound and is indeed the best of all of Vijay Antony's films on the technical front.

Thumbs Up:

Engaging First half

Background Score

Thumbs Down:

Messy Second Half



Bethaludu starts off on a highly interesting note and hooks you right away. Multiple personality disorder of the protagonist is established in an arresting way. Director did a fine job in keeping it simple with a complex plot. Tight screenplay keeps you engaged until the end of the first half. Interval twist is unexpected and sets high expectations on the second half.

Flashback episode involving Sharma and his wife Jayalakshmi is not striking but okay. The film starts to lose steam right after that point as the director tried to add a bit of logic to the thrilling setup. What looked like a perfect thriller until then loses sheen all of a sudden and turns into a pakka masala film.

Climax fight and the comedy between hero and villain are totally uncalled for. Those don't gel well with the main theme of the film and Bethaludu ends up as a clown show in the end. Had the director taken care about the writing in second half, it would have been a supreme thriller. Director did all the hard work in penning down a thoughtful and engaging first half and messed it up totally in the second half.

At the interval point one would get a feeling that 'Bichagadu' Vijay Antony has did it again. Another blockbuster is up for grabs for him at that point, but the badly written second half spoils the entire show. Vijay Antony is heading in the right way by picking right scripts but he needs to be careful not to flex his muscles and jump into the commercial bandwagon.

Verdict: Great setup gets messed up.