| | 2016-12-09

Ram Charan, Rakul Preeth Singh, Aravind Swamy, Navadeep, Posani and Others

Director - Surender Reddy
Producer - Allu Aravind
Banner - Geetha Arts
Music - Hiphop Thamizha

Dhruva is a remake of Tamil film Thani Oruvan, that was a surprise hit at the box office. Ram Charan was very impressed with the original that he decided to remake it at any cost. Surender Reddy has been handed over the responsibility of remaking it and let's see if they have pulled it off or not?

What is it about?

Dhruva IPS (Ram Charan) has an aim to target the biggest criminal in the society to bring down the crime rate. He keeps on connecting the dots in every organized crime and comes to know that most of them are linked to one person. Siddharth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy) becomes the prime target for Dhruva. But is it easy to bring him down?


Ram Charan: Charan took a huge risk by choosing this script as it doesn't have the elements that are usually associated with his films. He worked so hard to get into right shape for a tough police officer character. His physique and screen presence are definitely a huge plus for the film. Though there isn't much scope for a striking performance, Charan did well within the character's limitations.

Aravind Swamy: He is arguably the best part of the film as a white collared criminal. His wicked smile, histrionics and sophisticated body language make Siddharth Abhimanyu an iconic villain. We cannot imagine any other actor in his place. Such is his flawless performance as Siddharth Abhimanyu.

Rakul and Others: Rakul Preeth Singh hasn't much to do except for sizzling in a couple of songs. She just explodes like never before in Pareshanura song. Navadeep shines in an important character. Posani provides a bit of comic relief. Other actors that played hero's friends and Nasser provided good support.

Watch Here: Dhruva's Public Talk


Surender Reddy didn't do any remakes in the past. Remaking a successful film is not an easy job. Surender did well to retain the feel and soul of the original in spite of making minor changes to the screenplay. His stylish taking is one of the major highlights of the film.

Music and Other Departments: Hiphop Thamizha's background score is superb. Same cannot be said about the music duo's tunes though. Cinematography is splendid. Production values of Geetha Arts make it a visual spectacle. Editor could have done a better job by trimming down some portions in the second hour.

Thumbs Up:

Aravind Swamy

Background Score, Technically sound

Mind games in second half

Thumbs Down:

Dull first hour

Lengthy runtime                 


Dhruva is a different film from usual commercial potboilers that has its focus totally on its theme. Commercial films usually highlight hero's capabilities and make the villain a total dummy. What's special about Dhruva is both the hero and villain are equally powerful. So the duel gets interesting and keeps us glued to the screen.

Mind games between the hero and villain in the second half are the best part of Dhruva. It almost makes us forget that the film has no comedy and an interesting romantic track. Plot of the film is very ordinary, but the racy screenplay makes it special. The film takes so much time to get going in the first half. It only gains pace towards the pre interval and from then on it is a thrilling ride.

Surender Reddy made subtle changes to the script without disturbing the feel of the original. He made sure not to glorify the hero in spite of having a superstar like Charan in the lead. Thani Oruvan's greatest strength is the antagonist character; thankfully Dhruva makers realized it and didn't mess with it. Second half is total paisa vasool for action movie lovers and for those who look for something different from the usual masala stuff.

It may not appeal to the hardcore mass audiences who crave for comedy and other entertaining elements. Apart from few glitches on the logical front, Dhruva is worth every penny for its strong script and thoroughly engaging screenplay. It is the first step for Charan who is desperately seeking an image makeover.

Verdict: Thrilling Duel

Watch Here: Dhruva's Public Talk