Movie Review: Singam 3

2:38 | Action | 2017-02-09

Suriya, Anushka, Shruti Haasan, Thakur, Sarath and Others

Director - Hari
Producer - Gnanavel Raja, Dhaval Jayantil
Banner - Studio Green
Music - Harris Jayaraj

Narashimham IPS and his Singam (Yamudu) franchise are back. Director Hari packed in everything into the script that made this franchise a super hit with the masses. Singam 3 doesn't have much story, but director Hari's racy screenplay loaded with commercial elements makes it worth watching.

What is it about?

Narasimham (Suriya) comes to Mangalore to solve the mystery of the death of a Police Commissioner. As he starts investigation, Narasimham comes to know that there is a bigger conspiracy behind the Commissioner's murder. As Narasimham digs into the details he finds out that an international businessman called Vittal (Thakur Anup Singh) is behind all this. Vittal is not an easy man to bring down to justice and Singam does that in his own style.


It is hard to believe that the first installment of Singam was released in 2010. After seven years, Suriya still looks younger and even fitter as Singam. Suriya didn't show a sign of disinterest in playing the same character for the third time. He is as powerful as ever with that Singam character's signature handlebar moustache. His screen presence and ferocious performance is a treat to watch.

Anushka didn't have much role to play in this one. She has put on a lot of weight and looked awkward beside Suriya in a duet. Shruti Haasan is fine as the other female lead. Her romance track with Suriya looks forced. Soori's comedy is not good in taste. Thakur is alright as the main villain. Sharath Saxena, Suman, Sarath Babu and Radhika did their bit.


Hari likes to narrate his stories with a racy screenplay. Singam 3 is no different from his usual style. In fact it is fast paced than any of his previous outings. He did a decent job with the writing as he includes every element that audience expects out of this franchise. Hari is in game for making another movie in the franchise as he ends it with a scope for another sequel.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is awful. None of the songs are impressive and the background score is not up to the mark. Cinematographer should be lauded for making it an engaging fare with his innovative framings. Editor had a major job to do with so many scenes at hand. He has excelled in making it a crisp product. Production values are top notch.

Thumbs Up:


Fast paced screenplay

Second half

Thumbs Down:

Ordinary first half


Shruti episodes


Singam 3 will definitely appeal to the fans of the franchise. Like the previous two outings, S3 also goes a bit overboard in terms of heroism. It is not as good as the first part of the franchise, but has its own merits to please the fans. First half of the film seemed pointless as the script doesn't offer anything new or exciting.

Despite lack of content, Hari makes it an engaging film with his fast moving screenplay. Things start to get exciting towards the start of the second half. Confrontation scenes between Singam and Vittal have come out well. Director elevates Singam character with superbly written mass scenes.

Mass audience will have a gala time at the theaters as S3 offers way too many moments for them to cheer to. Hari literally played it to the galleries with patriotic dialogues. He picked an interesting backdrop for this plot which gives it a fresh look. Hari seems to have taken inspiration from Hollywood action thrillers as there is excessive use of technology.

Barring poor comedy bits and Shruti's track, Singam 3 is a paisa vasool film for the masses. Despite the ridiculousness of the treatment and over the top action, it will make you sit till the end without any boring moments. On the box office front, it should give some respite for Suriya who has been struggling lately.

Verdict: 3 Times Faster.