Movie Review: Radha

2:20 | Entertainment | 2017-05-12

Sharwanand, Lavanya, Ravi Kishan, Saptagiri, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Shankar, Brahmaji and Others

Director - Chandra Mohan
Producer - Bhogavalli Bapineedu
Banner - Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Music - Radhan

Sharwanand who has been in top form is back as Radha after scoring his career biggest hit Shatamanam Bhavati earlier this year. Radha is a typical commercial entertainer where hero teaches a lesson to the villain in an entertaining way. Radha is routine but has its fun moments.

What is it about?

Radha Krishna (Sharwanand) dreams of becoming a police officer to do good to the society. But he is posted in a peaceful and calm village where there is hardly any crime to deal with. He falls in love with the village beauty Radha (Lavanya). Then he gets transferred to another city and here he has many crimes to deal with. As his colleagues die in a political conspiracy sketched by an evil politician (Ravi Kishan), Radha vows to teach him a lesson and bring him to justice.


Sharwanand is one of the most flexible actors in Telugu cinema industry now. He can play calm and classy characters and also do justice to joyful and naughty characters. If Shatamanam shows one side of him, Radha showcases him in an entirely different avatar. He is pretty good as Radha and carries the film on his shoulders. Lavanya is beautiful and did well within her limitations.

Ravi Kishan once again impresses as a wannabe Chief Minister. Shakalaka Shankar and Saptagiri provided humor. Brahmaji is good in an important role. Among others Kota Srinivasa Rao, Fish Venkat, Gemini Suresh and Aksha make their presence felt.  


Chandra Mohan sticks to the commercial template of good winning over evil formula. His screenplay is good in the first half as everything moves at a fast pace in spite of lacking substance. There a few hiccups in the second half, but director used comedy to get out of those tricky spots.

Radhan's music is peppy but not catchy. None of the songs impress, but the background score is good. Editor did a neat job in keeping things short and crisp. Cinematography is impressive and the production values deserve a mention. Dialogue could have been better.

Thumbs Up:



Thumbs Down:

Routine plot

Weak second half


Radha is a typical commercial film in which the director's sole aim is to offer entertainment to the audience. Chandra Mohan succeeds in giving enough enjoyable moments, but there is nothing to take home. You will forget everything once you are out of the cinemas. Radha is a perfect popcorn flick where nothing has to be taken seriously.

You can easily kill time with Radha if you are not expecting any story or novelty from it. However, if you look for something new from regular stuff, you may come out disappointed as Radha refuses to step out of comfort zone. Director switches from comedy to romance to hero-villain mind games all the time and banks upon comedy to cover up the shortcomings of a weak plot.

Sharwanand is an actor who doesn't try too hard to impress. He simply believes in his skills and does the best he could do without going overboard. He is too good as Radha that his performance lifted a few mediocre scenes. Comedy is not forced and makes sure to keep a smile on the audiences face through the film.

Sharwanand's recent comedies Run Raja Run and Express Raja offered something different from the usual stuff whereas Radha banks upon formulaic treatment. It may disappoint a section of audience, but people who don't mind watching routine stuff until it is entertaining will give it the thumbs up.  

Verdict: Funny Da..!