Movie Review: Keshava

1:58 | Action | 2017-05-19

Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar, Rao Ramesh, Ajay, Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshi and Others

Director - Sudhir Varma
Producer - Abhishek Nama
Banner - Abhishek Pictures
Music - Sunny M.R.

Keshava has created lot of buzz with it's brilliantly cut promos. Director Sudhir Varma did a wonderful job in creating hype around the film with superb promotions. It looked like Nikhil has another winner on hands, but did Keshava live up to the expectations? Let's check out.

What is it about?

Keshava (Nikhil) has a rare medical condition; his heart is located on the right side, which means he cannot get angry, emotional or excited at all. That will endanger his life, but Keshava's only aim is to kill the police who have mercilessly killed his parents and paralyzed his sister in an accident. Keshava needs to be very calm even when he is killing his enemies. Keshava successfully kills two policemen and in the meanwhile, a police officer Shalini (Isha Koppikar) is assigned to solve the mystery and nab the killer.


Nikhil is impressive with his emotionless portrayal of the protagonist. He remains serious and composed throughout the film. He did an impressive job in underplaying his character and the bearded look suited him well. Ritu Varma has little to do as the female lead. Isha Koppikar gets a meaty role and she is apt as the police officer. Anasuya dubbed for her. Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi provided good laughs with their impressive timing. Rao Ramesh makes his presence felt in the climax sequence.


Sudhir Varma's taking gives a stylish look to the film. Keshava is brilliantly shot and technically slick. Credit should be given to the director for getting fantastic output from his technical crew. However, he failed in the writing department as he couldn't come up with an engaging screenplay for a film with interesting premise.

Sunny's music is very good. The film has not much scope for songs, but Sunny scored an impressive album. Background score is one of the major assets as it sets the right mood and builds tension in key sequences. Cinematography is superb. It is one of the finest works in Telugu cinema in recent times. Editing is crisp. Production values are decent. The film scores on the technical front.

Thumbs Up:



Stylish taking

Background score

Thumbs Down:

Weak plot

Unexciting screenplay

Little attention to Protagonist's medical condition


First thing that comes to the viewer's mind after watching Keshava is 'What is the need of putting a medical condition (heart points towards the right side) for the protagonist?' 'What difference does it makes to the narrative?' It adds no value to the plot as it ever matters for the protagonist who goes on a killing spree against all the odds.

Keshava wastes no time in getting into the thick of the things, but the director keeps losing grip on the narrative as the story moves forward. Interval scene raises hopes on the second half, but the director took a convenient route by making things easy for the protagonist to have his revenge. Firstly, the reason for revenge isn't so strong and secondly there are a lot of logical errors in the process of seeking revenge.

First half moves at a very good pace despite usual plot. The film is good until the intermission part, but fails to hold the viewers interest post interval. Climax of the film seems hurried and totally out of place. Brilliant cinematography and superb background score will make us excuse certain flaws, but on a whole, Keshava ends up as an unexciting crime thriller. There is scope for an engaging screenplay, but the director prefers to style over substance.

Keshava may appeal to an extent to the audience that likes watching dark themed movies, but the majority will come out disappointed. Initial interest will ensure openings, but may not have a long run due to limited appeal.

Verdict: Slick yet no Kick.