Movie Review: Ninnu Kori

2:17 | Love | 2017-07-07

Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Aadi Pinisetty, Murali Sharma, Prudhvi and others

Director - Shiva Nirvana
Producer - DVV Danayya
Banner - DVV Entertainments
Music - Gopi Sunder

Ninnu Kori is an emotional romantic drama that deals with the life after love. Terrific star cast, mature handling and soulful musical score are its biggest plusses. Nani has once again made the right choice of picking the right script.  

What is it about?

Uma (Nani) and Pallavi (Nivetha) fall in love, but couldn't be together due to the former's financial status. Pallavi gets married to a gentleman called Arun (Aadi) and Uma goes into depression and puts his career at stake. Now Pallavi decides to keep Uma happy by showing that she has moved on. Uma comes to her house and stays there for ten days. Does Uma change or Pallavi gets back with him?


Nani is a fantastic actor who can play any type of character. He can be easy going happy guy and also play a heartbroken lover character to the perfection. His natural charm and comedic timing will make us fall for Uma. Nivetha is a terrific find. She is a very good performer and does total justice to her character. Aadi is perfect as a loving husband. Murali Sharma and Prudhvi duo provides humor when it is most needed.


Shiva Nirvana picked a routine plot that was seen many times in Telugu and as well as other languages. However his mature handling and the natural setup of scenes and likeable characterizations makes it special. He has dealt the emotional part of the story like an experienced campaigner.  

Any love story isn't complete without a good soundtrack. Gopi Sunder's music is the major attraction. Background score is superb which will stay with you for so long after leaving the cinemas. The film would not be such a visually rich experience without Karthik's cinematography. Kona's dialogues are impressive and the production values are very good. Editor did a fine job in keeping the runtime short.

Thumbs Up:

Lead actors

Feel good factor


Thumbs Down:

Predictable story

Drags at times


Ninnu Kori is a romance-drama high on emotions. It is a simple story that is told in a pleasant manner. The story is very predictable yet the moments are beautifully scripted that you never gets bored. Fine performances from all the three leads made it worth watching in spite of its slow pace.

Director and writer cleverly injected humor into the emotional setup without disturbing the soul and feel of the film. There is a point where it looks like the director has taken the conventional route so that there would be a happy ending. However, things are maturely handled and convincingly portrayed so that the viewers come out satisfied.

Although the film doesn't bore you, there are a few instances, where we get the feeling that it is being dragged. Emotional climax makes up for such short comings and there is a bit of after story to give us that satisfactory ending. Ninnu Kori would have been a bore fest if the director chose to tell it in an emotional way. However, he has cleverly used humor to keep things subtle.

Nani's fantastic act as Uma and Nivetha-Aadi's fine performances are Ninnu Kori's biggest strengths. Writer, cinematographer and music director have tuned well with the director's thoughts and as a team they have made it an enjoyable fare. If you like to watch romantic tales, Ninnu Kori serves whatever you would anticipate from them. Nani's fine form at the box office will be continued with Ninnu Kori as it connects well with the target audience.

Verdict: Breezy Romance.