Movie Review: Gautham Nanda

2:30 | Action | 2017-07-28

Gopichand, Hansika, Catherine, Mukesh Rushi, Chandra Mohan and others

Director - Sampath Nandi
Producer - Bhagavan, Pulla Rao
Banner - Sri Balaji Cine Media
Music - SS Thaman

Gautham Nanda raised expectations with attention-grabbing promos, but the film had very little to live up to them. Sampath Nandi had an interesting idea, which he couldn't translate into an engaging film. Gautham Nanda is a classic example for how a film ends up when formula takes the wrong path.

What is it about?

Gautham Krishna (Gopichand) is the son of a billionaire. He enjoys life by partying all the time. He realizes that he is nobody without the identity of his father. So he decides to end his life. At that point he bumps into Nanda Kishore (Gopichand) who also wants to end his life as he is fed up of his poor and unprivileged life. Both decide to switch their identities for a month so that they can experience the other side of their lives. But things don't turn out as intended.


Gopichand is decent as the rich guy and at home as the slum dweller. He does his best to do justice to both the characters, but the lackluster script lets him down. Hansika played the pretty face part well. Catherine oozes oomph. Mukesh Rishi is routine and so is Sachin. Chandra Mohan and Seetha add the emotional depth to the proceedings. Bithiri Satthi and Vennela Kishore are there for the sake of comedy.


Sampath Nandi once again takes the beaten path with Gautham Nanda. It is an old wine in an old bottle. Plot is interesting but the execution is very bland without any interesting moments. Sampath's stylish making is impressive but wish the script is too hollow to engage.

Thaman's background score is loud and the songs are not impressive. Dialogues are casual and unappealing. Only positive about the technical aspects is its cinematography. Every frame looked colorful and grand. Sounder Rajan does a terrific job with the camera.

Thumbs Up:


Pre climax scenes

Thumbs Down:

Bad screenplay

Loud music


Gautham Nanda is a typical Telugu masala potboiler where the dual protagonists switch roles for a reason. The reason for the switch is established in a fine way. Director took so much time to introduce the life styles of his lead characters. He wasted a lot of time on the slum character even after making his point. First half offers absolutely nothing. Second half seem interesting at the beginning as both the characters experience different life from their past lives.

Sampath Nandi however spoils the fun with badly written screenplay that doesn't let the story to move forward. A lot of time is spent on establishing emotional connect for Gautham's character with Nanda's family. None of those scenes clicked and made it look like a television serial with forced emotions. Nanda's character should have helped to make it an entertaining fare, but director never tries to explore the depths.

The film turns exciting only after the twist that comes during the pre-climax. By then a lot of time has been wasted that the director didn't have much time to make an impact. Pre climax and climax are the only elements that make Gautham Nanda a below average fare or else it would have ended up as an absolute damp squib. If action potboilers are your thing, then Gautham Nanda may offer some time pass over the weekend. Majority audiences will give it the thumbs down for its utterly boring script. It has the potential but never raises the bar.

Verdict: Double Trouble.