Movie Review: Darshakudu

2:15 | Romance - Drama | 2017-08-05

Ashok Bandreddi, Eesha, Sudarshan, Noel and others

Director - Jakka Hari Prasad
Producer - Vijay Kumar, Thomas Reddy, Rav
Banner - Sukumar Writings
Music - Sai Karthik

Sukumar Writings that produced super hit Kumari 21 F strikes back with Darshakudu. It is a romantic entertainer with cinema as its backdrop. Darshakudu offers novelty with its theme and setup, but does it appeal to the majority?

What is it about?

            Mahesh (Ashok) is a wannabe film director who goes in search of love for the sake of story for his debut. He comes across Namrata (Eesha) and gets impressed. He uses his encounters with Eesha to complete the story for his debut film. Things turn ugly when he doesn't know where to draw a line to this. Can Mahesh complete his first film with/without Namrata beside him?


            Ashok is a very average looking guy who is also a very ordinary actor. Maybe the makers preferred someone who is believable and looks the part. However, the character demands a better actor as it gets emotionally engaging as it moves forward. Eesha is a fine actress who impresses yet again after Ami Thumi. Sudarshan did well as the hero's sidekick and Kedar is believable as the producer. Poojitha looks cute as heroine's friend.


Hari Prasad Jakka did a fine job for a first timer. It is a very complicated theme that cannot be brought onto the screen easily. His writing skills are particularly impressive. His direction also is neat and simple without any nonsense. He falters only towards the end.

Music is just okay. A better soundtrack is expected from Sukumar Writings. Sai Karthik does a mediocre job with his tunes, but his background score is neat. Editing is fine. Cinematography makes it look like a quality film. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:                                                                        

First Half

Thumbs Down:

Second half
Lead actor


It is harsh of us to point fingers at the lead actor as the biggest weak link of Darshakudu. But one would be lying if they say that Ashok did a good job as an actor. His short frame and average physique may have brought believability to the character, but he is not our regular boy next door. He has the larger than life qualities of an action hero, which only makes Ashok look as a bad choice.

Darshakudu's premise is very interesting. A director going in search of love for the sake of his story and using his life experiences in the script makes for an interesting plot. It looks very entertaining at the beginning. In fact, first half of Darshakudu is breezy and entertaining. Things get a little awkward after the female lead still gets attracted to him after his treatment to her.

Whole shooting process lacks the verve and is unimpressive except for a scene here and dialogue there. Climax is even bad without any redeeming qualities. A better screenplay in second half with a realistic climax would have made it a special film. Instead it turns out to be a good idea that is badly executed.

The filmy backdrop may not appeal to everyone. People that are associated with film industry may find Darshakudu interesting than others. Don't expect too much from Sukumar Writings if you are planning to watch it over the weekend. It ain't as striking as Kumari 21F.

Verdict: Weak Director.