Movie Review: Anando Brahma

2:15 | Horror Comedy | 2017-08-18

Taapsee, Srinivasa Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, Tagubothu Ramesh, Rajeev Kanakala and others

Director - Mahi V. Raghav
Producer - Vijay Chilla, Shasi Devireddy
Banner - 70mm Entertainments
Music - Krishna Kumar

Anando Brahma is yet another horror comedy from Telugu cinema industry that had made a lot of films in the genre lately. However, Mahi V. Raghav gives a new twist to the genre which gives ample scope for comedy.

What is it about?

Ramu (Rajeev Kanakala) tries to sell off his huge house, but no one dares to enter it due to the presence of ghosts. Ramu etches a plan and offers money to four guys (Srinivasa Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, Vennela Kishore, Tagubothu Ramesh) that are in dire need of money. They have to stay in the house for three days as per the deal. They are timid people but with some physical conditions. How they use their conditions to overcome the fear makes it a laugh riot.


Taapsee has a limited role. She doesn't have much scope to perform but did well within the character's limitations. Srinivasa Reddy is believable as the average guy in problems. Shakalaka Shankar and Vennela Kishore steal the show with their hilarious acts. Tagubothu Ramesh gets the best scene of the lot and he excelled in his typical style. Rajeev Kanakala is alright. Raghu Karumanchi makes an impact among the ghost characters. Prabhas Srinu's cameo is good.


Mahi V. Raghav comes up with a regular setup but an intelligent screenplay to make it an enjoyable fare. His clever writing makes the comedy work big time. He could have done better job with the backdrop of the main characters and the main flashback. His sense of humor and deft handling of comedy scenes makes Anando Brahma an entertaining comedy.

Krishna Kumar's background score is perfect and so is the cinematography. The film is made on a shoestring budget, but it looks good because of the outstanding job from technical crew. Production design and editing stands out. Production values are neat.

Thumbs Up:

Second half

Main lead actors


Thumbs Down:

Ordinary first half

Weak flashbacks


First half is totally dedicated for the setup of plot. Introduction of characters takes an eternity. None of those episodes are engaging enough. Real 'mission' begins only after the intermission point. Director wastes no time after interval to get into the thick of the things. The way he uses the physical conditions of the lead characters for generating fun is superb.

Vennela Kishore is hearing impaired and also suffers from night blindness. This makes his character extremely hilarious. Shakalaka Shankar is a wannabe actor who becomes someone else during the night. His spoof scenes are very enjoyable. Tagubothu Ramesh doesn't care about anything when he drinks. The bathroom episode on him, Prabhas Sreenu and Raghu brings the house down. Srinivasa Reddy has to apply reverse emotional therapy during crisis situations.

Director didn't try to infuse forced comedy. He has cleverly used the characters to create fun moments. Almost thirty minutes in the second half is a laugh riot and total paisa vasool. The film would have been even enjoyable had the director focused on the flashbacks of the main characters and also the ghosts. Climax is predictable.

All in all, Anando Brahma gives a new twist to the genre that will be liked by the genre lovers. Comedy worked out so well in the second half to an extent that it has covered its flaws and weaknesses. You may watch it if you are a fan of horror comedies. Anando Brahma works despite treading familiar territory.

Verdict: Comedy clicks.