Review: Yuddham Sharanam

2:21 | Action | 2017-09-08

Naga Chaitanya, Lavanya Tripathi, Srikanth, Rao Ramesh, Revathi, Murali Sharma and others

Director - Krishna Marimuthu
Producer - Rajani Korrapati
Banner - Vaaraahi Chalanachitram
Music - Vivek Sagar

Naga Chaitanya's action thriller directed Krishna Marimuthu turned out to be an unexciting fare with slow paced narration. It is technically slick but low on entertainment.

What is it about?

Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) is a happy guy who falls in love with Anjali (Lavanya). His happy family is shattered because of a cut throat criminal Nayak (Srikanth). Nayak kills Arjun's parents and the ordinary guy decides to take on the dreaded criminal. How Arjun uses his intelligence to get to Nayak forms rest of the story.  


Naga Chaitanya gives a neat and dignified performance. He suits the character of an ordinary youth well. However, there is nothing that is novel to challenge him as an actor. He did similar character in Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo. Lavanya Tripathi has little significance in the entire plot. She is restricted to very few scenes and a couple of songs.

Srikanth's makeover as the villain is impressive. However his character is poorly written which is why he couldn't make an impact. Srikanth has chosen the wrong film for his second innings. Murali Sharma character is confusing. Rao Ramesh is alright. Revathi is good.


Debutant Krishna Marimuthu has command over the technical aspects. The film is technically sound, but has a very poor script to engage the viewers. Director focused too much on the style and cared little about the substance. Films like these need to put the viewers on the edge of the seat. Slow paced screenplay and lazy narration make it a tedious watch.

Vivek Sagar's music is in tune with the proceedings. There aren't any chartbuster songs. Background score is impressive though. Cinematographer did a fabulous job in setting the right mood for the grim thriller. Editing could have been better in the first half. Production values are alright.

Thumbs Up:

Technical values

Thumbs Down:

Unexciting plot

Boring narrative


The film's setup is strikingly similar to Naga Chaitanya's Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo. In fact the plot is done to death by many filmmakers before. An ordinary guy taking on hardcore criminals is a very common plot. Films like these need slick narrative, intelligent scenes and engaging screenplay. Yuddham Sharanam hasn't got any of those traits.

It starts on an interesting note, but goes at snail pace with the family scenes boring to the core. Even the romance thread hasn't got a single scene that is worth watching. Director used back and forth technique to narrate this story, but that hardly makes an impact because of the poorly conceived scenes. The reason for killing the protagonist's parents doesn't seem convincing. The director failed to establish an emotional connect for that scene to click.

Second half of the film fully focuses upon the protagonist taking revenge on the killer. This part should have been exciting enough for the viewers to stay attentive. The tricks and techniques used by the protagonist are yawn-inducing and downright boring. There is so much confusion in the screenplay which makes the climax a clumsy affair. Even Chaitanya and Srikanth's confrontation didn't work. Decision of presenting the action part in realistic fashion backfired as it only slowed down the screenplay further.

On a whole, Yuddham Sharanam is a badly made action film that is neither exciting nor entertaining. The slow paced narration, clumsy writing and weak characters make you look for the nearest exit. It is a total dud from Naga Chaitanya and co.

Verdict: This war is boring.