Movie Review: Ungarala Rambabu

2:20 | Comedy | 2017-09-15

Sunil, Mia George, Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore and others

Director - Kranthi Madhav
Producer - Paruchuri Kireeti
Banner - United Movies
Music - Ghibran

Director Kranthi Madhav who has an impressive track record with sensible movies like Onamalu and Malli Malli idi Rani Roju to his credit, teamed up with Sunil for a comedy entertainer. One would expect a sensible comedy from the director but Ungarala Rambabu turned into a torturous film that puts patience to the test.

What is it about?

Rambabu (Sunil) is a businessman who believes in luck and gemstones. He loves Savitri (Mia) as he believes that she would bring luck to him. Savitri's father Nayar (Prakash Raj) is a communist leader. He doesn't believe in riches and practices Swadeshi. He doesn't like Rambabu at the beginning as he is totally against his principles. How Rambabu impresses Nayar forms rest of the story.


Sunil has put on a bit of weight and is currently looking more like the comedy actor we all loved. He tried his best to give some laughable moments, but the poor script bogged him down big time. Mia George is a very average looking actress who doesn't know to act. Prakash Raj couldn't do much with the heavily cliched character. Vennela Kishore also couldn't make this work because of awful writing.  


Kranthi Madhav is a director who can make engaging dramas with heart touching moments. However, the director made an attempt to prove that he could pull off a commercial film. He should have stick with his strengths rather doing something that he doesn't know. Ungarala Rambabu looked like a film that is made by an amateur as Kranthi Madhav didn't have control on anything.

Ghibran's soundtrack is pretty mediocre. Background score is very bad. Dialogues are pale and lacked punch. Editor should have kept the runtime short. Cinematography is alright and production values are good.

Thumbs Up:

A couple of comedy scenes

Thumbs Down:

Everything else


Sunil didn't learn his lesson even after being turned down multiple times by the audience. He has stick with the commercial formula yet again and only forced a bit of extra humor into the proceedings. It is basically a love story where the boy needs to convince the girl's father. Director Kranthi Madhav took a messy route to narrate this story. Nothing makes sense until the actual plot is revealed.

First half of the film is literally unbearable starting from Rambabu's childhood scenes to Badam Baba episodes. None of the so-called comedy scenes worked. In fact most of those comedy scenes have turned plain torturous to the viewers. Although Sunil tried his best to make it work with his antics, first half tests patience to the core. Even the romantic track is a plain bore.

Actual story begins in the second half where Rambabu has to convince his girlfriend's father who is a principled man with communistic ideology. We hope for a bit of humor in this setup, but the director's idea of humor is far from entertaining. Even the introduction of Vennela Kishore's character doesn't add any value. There is a parallel track on Ashish Vidyarthi which also ends up as a time waste.

Sunil is trying too hard to justice to his comedian image but doesn't give up on being a commercial hero. Directors are failing to get the right mix of these elements, which in turn is affecting the final product. Sunil hoped that Ungarala Rambabu will give him better results than his recent films, but it ended up as a bigger dud than them.

Verdict: Oh My Rambabu!