Movie Review: PSV Garuda Vega

| Action | 2017-11-03

Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Nasser, Adit Arun, Shraddha Das, Sunny Leone and others

Director - Praveen Sattaru
Producer - Koteshwar Raju
Banner - Jyostar Enterprises
Music - Bheems

Garuda Vega is one film that has grabbed the interest of film buffs with intriguing promos. It is not a regular masala potboiler. It is a slick action film that has engaging thrills and chase sequences. First half of the film is superb, but second half lacks to live up to it.

What is it about?

Sekhar (Rajasekhar) is a NIA officer who deals with high profile criminal cases. His wife (Pooja) is unhappy with his duty mindedness and files for a divorce. While Sekhar is working to save his marriage, he comes across a murder case that unfolds into a larger scheme of things. Sekhar is now after a multibillion scam in which many politicians and higher officers are involved. How he nabs the criminals with the help of a hacker (Adith) forms rest of the story.


The character is tailor made for Rajasekhar who has played similar characters in many films in the past. He did pretty well as the sincere officer who is dealing with troubled marriage. The character is written in such a way that it suits his age and Rajasekhar did pretty well in carrying the film with his sincere performance. Pooja Kumar's character is annoying and sticks out as a sore thumb in this engaging thriller. Adith Arun is aptly cast. Nasser is fine as Rajasekhar's higher official. Posani Krishna Murali and Pruthvi characters are used for comic relief. Actors who played Rajasekhar's associates did well.


Director Praveen Sattaru never sticks to one genre. He likes to switch between genres and his attempt at action is commendable. He brings the quality of a slick Hollywood actioner with his narrative. His handling of the film in first half is top class. He should have stick with the narrative rather going for commercial elements in the second half though.

There are only two songs and Sunny Leone's song is targeted at the masses. Background score by Sricharan is topnotch. Cinematography and action choreographers did a splendid job in making it an engaging ride. Production values are commendable. Editing in the second half should have been better. The film drags a lot in the middle portions of second half.

Thumbs Up:

First half

Action scenes

Thumbs Down:

Second half drags

Poor attempt at comedy


Garuda Vega opens on a very high note with an edge of the seat bike chase. The scene sets high standards for the rest of the film and there are ample scenes where the director strives to offer top class action entertainment. The scene where Rajasekhar and his crew nabs the gang that are smuggling 'Nakshatra Tabellu' and the car chase on the busy Hyderabad roads keep the adrenaline flowing.

Entire sequence of events that Rajasekhar and his team find about a bomb attack and the terrific interval episode will leave the viewers awestruck. Despite the boring family episodes, first half of the film will thrill the audience with pulsating action episodes. First half of the film is racy with some nail biting stuff. Director and the action directors along with other technical crew deserve a pat for making such an exciting first half.

It is pretty hard for anyone to maintain the same tempo until the end and as expected Sattaru struggles with the second half. The film suddenly loses steam after the core theme of the film is explained. With action taking the backseat and director inclining towards commercial elements to fill the void, Garuda Vega turns into a regular action film dealing with a huge scam. We expect the film to get back on track during the climax episodes, but it ends as if the director has run out of ideas.

Climax part is very clumsily written and executed leaving a lot to be desired. In spite of a very ordinary second half, Garuda Vega is still worth watching for its extraordinary first half. This could have been a game changer for everyone involved had Praveen Sattaru didn't lose grip over the proceedings in the second half. Commercial success of the film depends on how the masses and family audience embrace it.

Verdict: Thrilling Action Saga