Movie Review: Next Nuvve

| Horror Comedy | 2017-11-03

Aadi, Vaibhavi, Brahmaji, Rashmi Gautam, Raghu Babu and others

Director - P Prabhakar
Producer - Bunny Vaas
Banner - V4 Movies
Music - Sai Kartheek

After Television host turned filmmaker Ohmkar proved successful, it is Prabhakar's turn to prove his talent as a director. Prabhakar also chose a horror-comedy film to showcase his talent. Next Nuvve is a remake of Tamil film Yamirukku Bayamey.

What is it about?

Kiran (Aadi) is a television serial director who gets into trouble as he owes a lot of money to a dreaded goon (Jayaprakash). Kiran comes to know that his father owns an old palace in Araku. He along with his girlfriend (Vaibhavi) goes there and renovates the palace and sets up a hill top resort. He is accompanied by a manager (Brahmaji) and his sister (Rashmi). Every guest that comes to visit their palace dies in weird ways. Kiran tries to conceal the deaths as it would give bad reputation to his resort. But things go out of control as Kiran himself is on the line to die. What is the secret behind the deaths?


Aadi has nothing much to do in this film except look scared and confused at times. His screen presence is good, but should be cautious about what he is choosing to do. Vaibhavi is strictly average. Brahmaji gets the maximum screen time and he makes the most of it with his typical comic timing. Rashmi Gautam oozes oomph in a character targeted at the frontbenchers. Raghu Babu played a cameo that brings the house down. Himaja is aptly cast. LB Sriram's character is poorly etched. Jayaprakash Reddy is alright. Srinivas Avasarala plays young LB Sriram.


Prabhakar doesn't bring anything new to the horror-comedy genre. He plays it to the galleries by depending upon cheap thrills and crude humor. The changes made to the original are not so subtle. On a whole, it is just an unimpressive debut for Prabhakar as a filmmaker.

Sai Karthik did a fine job with the background score. Aachi Doochi humming is scary and catchy as well. Song shot on Avasarala and Himaja also is good. Cinematography is standard and the visual effects are pretty ordinary. The production design doesn't add any value to the genre. Editing could have been crisp. The film is made on a very limited budget.

Thumbs Up:

Brahmaji's comedy

Raghubabu episode

Thumbs Down:

Routine setup

Crude comedy

Cheap jump scares


The film starts off with a scene where the director takes digs at the way television serials are made. Sadly, the film itself turns out to be a similar spoof of horror comedy genre. The concept of mixing horror with comedy has become monotonous as the genre lovers too got fed up with the overdose. Next Nuvve is yet another deliberate attempt to cash in on the successful horror comedy trend.

The quality of filmmaking itself makes it clear that the makers are looking to earn quick bucks by not spending much on the film. Next Nuvve's setup is strikingly similar to recent horror comedies Anando Brahma and Rajugari Gadhi2. The protagonist buys a haunted palace and sets up his business but it is disrupted by a ghost. Next Nuvve underplays the horror element and sticks with the comedy for most of the time.

The humor is pretty low brow and doesn't impress someone with a class taste. Even the masses don't get enough comedy as the scenes get repetitive after a point. First hour of the film is decent with genuine laughs, thanks to Brahmaji's performance. It just turns into a silly horror stuff after that as the ghost really doesn't mean any harm to the characters that we care for. Interestingly, the ghost's background is not revealed despite a flashback. The ghost is a ghost even before fifty years and it just kills anybody that owns the palace for no reason!

No surprise that Next Nuvve opened on a very weak note despite the promotions and huge release. Filmmakers have milked the genre by making a horde of films. It is time to take a break or simply make such films for the sake of digital and satellite rights.

Verdict: Naluguritho Narayana!