Movie Review: Detective

| Thriller | 2017-11-11

Vishal, Anu Emanuel, Bhagyaraj, Prasanna, Vinay, Andrea, Simran and others

Director - Mysskin
Producer - Vishal
Banner - Vishal Film Factory
Music - Aroll Corelli

Detective is the Telugu dubbed version of successful Tamil detective thriller Thupparivaalan directed by Mysskin. It is Mysskin's take on the character Sherlock Holmes which works for most part due to engaging suspense and thrilling action.

What is it about?

Advaith Bhuvan (Vishal) is an eccentric detective who is desperate to find a mysterious case to solve. He along with his assistant Mano (Prasanna) takes up a case of a dead pet dog. Advaith finds the case intriguing as there is so much to it than what it looks from the outside. The death of the dog is connected to a mysterious death of a father and son duo where they were killed by lightning strike. As Advaith digs deep he finds that there is a criminal gang behind the killings.


It is not an easy character to pull off, but Vishal does it in style although it is entirely different from what he gets to play regularly. His body language, performance and typical mannerisms are perfectly in tune with the eccentric character. Prasanna as his close aide is reliable. Bhagyaraj gets an interesting role after a long time and he is good. Vinay as the villain Devil is menacing. Andrea is aptly cast. Anu Emanuel has very little to do. Simran appears in an emotional cameo.


Mysskin gives the taste of Hollywood mystery crime thrillers with Detective. His characters are heavily inspired from Sherlock Holmes and the setup and execution draws inspiration from many Hollywood films and television series. The story he weaves around the lead characters is very engaging and makes you follow the events without losing interest.

Background score is topnotch and adds style to the film. Cinematography is splendid and goes hand in hand with director's vision. Editing is neat. Production values are commendable. The film's dubbing quality is also good.

Thumbs Up:

Suspense elements

Vishal's performance

Technical aspects

Thumbs Down:

Heroine track

Pre climax and climax

If you are game for suspenseful crime thrillers then Detective is just for you. It is not a usual film to be made on Indian screen. It is true that the film is heavily inspired from Hollywood movies, but the story is fresh and engaging. Director Mysskin did a terrific job in setting the suspense right and unfolds the mystery in an engaging way.           

More than the protagonist it is the setup of villains that will draw you into the film. There is a terrific introduction scene of the villain gang where they are sitting around a dinner table. Andrea casually gets up in the middle to fetch some water and as she opens the refrigerator door there is a corpse sitting in it. Andrea picks a bottle from the door cabinet and drinks it pretty casually as if it is nothing.           

There is another scene where the Vinay is chopping off a dead body in the bathroom and Andrea knocks at the door to offer him coffee. He comes out in middle and coolly has his coffee with his blood soaked hands. These scenes are canned in an unapologetic fashion that they will send down a chilling shiver down the viewer's spine. The deaths are cleverly done and the mystery around them is intriguing. Action part is impressive as well. The fight in the Chinese restaurant stands out.

Detective has its share of flaws too. There are some compromises made for the commercial appeal. Example, Anu Emanuel's track is entirely out of sync with the proceedings. Director could have avoided heroine role from this thriller. However, the ending given to this character is impressive. The film turns predictable as the protagonist gets closer to the villains. Wish the runtime is shorter to make it even engaging.           

Keeping the shortcomings aside, Detective is definitely a must watch for someone who looks for freshness in Indian cinema. It may not appeal to larger audience, but will impress the target viewers.

Verdict: Our own Sherlock!