Movie Review: Balakrishnudu

| Action - Drama | 2017-11-25

Nara Rohith, Regina, Ramya Krishna, Ajay, Vennela Kishore, Prudhvi and others

Director - Pavan Mallela
Producer - B Mahendra Babu, Musunuru Vams
Banner - SVMP, Mayabazar Movies
Music - Mani Sharma

Balakrishnudu is Nara Rohith's first attempt at full on commercial cinema. He picked a long forgotten faction backdrop subject, which turned out to be a fatal error from the talented actor. Director Pavan Mallela makes a joke of the commercial formula that doesn't even click with the hardcore masses.

What is it about?

            Balu (Rohith) is hired as a bodyguard for Aadya (Regina), niece of a powerful faction leader Bhanumathi (Ramya Krishna). Pratap Reddy (Ajay) vows to kill Aadya, but gets jailed. Bhanumathi brings her up in a secret place and hires Balu as her bodyguard. But Pratap Reddy's people track the whereabouts of Aadya by using Balu's identity. Pratap Reddy is also is released from jail now and Balu has a mission on hands.


            Commercial cinema is not Nara Rohith's cup of tea. After Tuntari and Savitri he is clearly not home stepping into the shoes of a commercial hero. He did his best to keep it going but the director messed it up big time that Rohith also couldn't do anything to save it after a point. Regina's oozing oomph should impress people that come to watch glamour on screen. Ramya Krishna is good in the supporting role. Ajay hams a bit. Prudhvi's comedy works in parts. Vennela Kishore, Srinivasa Reddy and Raghu Babu chipped in when they are needed.  


It is a blunder from the director to come up with a script that is very outdated. The director couldn't even come up with an engaging screenplay. His desperate attempts to fill in the void with comedy backfired due to poor quality of humor.

Mani Sharma's songs are very bad and so is the background music. Dialogues are poor. Cinematography is alright and the editor should be given a medal for stitching those disjointed scenes together. Production values are fine.

Thumbs Up:                                                                       

Prudhvi's comedy

Thumbs Down:






           Nara Rohith made a bad choice by selecting this script in the first place. Wonder what has impressed him so much to attempt this one over any other scripts. Rohith is a fine judge of a movie script, but commercial cinema is not his forte. Balakrishnudu is a mix of B. Gopal's faction with Srinu Vaitla brand of humor. Sadly both are outdated now and the film turns out to be a boring saga of lame jokes.

            Neither the script writers nor the director made an attempt to write a decent screenplay for this outdated plot. Not even one scene is worth watching in spite of having so much talent both on and off the screen. Instead they tried to make it a fun ride by roping in many comedians. There is scope for romance, but the director didn't really make an attempt to utilize it. There is so much laziness all over the script that few scenes make you wonder how they made it to the final cut.

            Ramya Krishna and Ajay's track is as old as hills. Even the seasoned actors like Ramya Krishna and Kota Srinivasa Rao looked like caricatures in the film. Songs pop out of nowhere irrespective of the situation. There is a futile attempt to make fun of Mahabharatam with a stage play. One would expect the film to get interesting at some point, but it won't take much time to give up on it. All that we could do is to wait for the end titles to roll on so that we can get some fresh air.   

            Balakrishnudu makers may be hoping that it will appeal to the masses. There is a chance for this plot to work if there are some laughs and foot tapping songs. But this film turns out to be an endless torture that has nothing to write about. Skip it.

Verdict: Outdated Masala.