Movie Review: Jawaan

| Action | 2017-12-01

Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Pirzada, Prasanna, Jaya Prakash, Subbaraju, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others

Director - BVS Ravi
Producer - Krishna
Banner - Arunachal Creations
Music - SS Thaman

Sai Dharam Tej who earned mass image by sticking with formula films has finally moved out of his comfort zone and attempted a different action film. Writer turned director BVS Ravi is back to direction after a long time. The film presented by Dil Raju has created buzz with attractive promos. Did the film live up to expectations?

What is it about?

Jai (Sai Dharam Tej) is a responsible citizen who loves his country and family. He has an aim to be a part of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). There is a bad guy called Keshava (Prasanna) who plans to steal the Octopus missile designed by the scientists of DRDO. Jai disrupts his plans and Keshava comes and stays with Jai's family to get his hands on the Octopus missile.


Sai Dharam Tej has given career best performance in the film. His styling and look are in perfect sync with the character. He excelled in emotional scenes and gave his best in dances as usual. Mehreen is very chubby and the writer-director takes digs at her weighty issues. Her performance is adequate. Prasanna steals the show as the bad guy. His expressions and body language is perfect as the notorious villain. Jaya Prakash, Kota, Subbaraju did their best in the supporting roles.   


BVS Ravi has a very good visual sense and it is evident in every scene. He did well in executing his ideas in an appealing way. However he should have taken care on the screenplay department as it falters in key situations. Technically the film is sound and on par with any high budget films.

Thaman is the main pillar for the film. His impeccable background score lifts many scenes to another level. Even a couple of songs are very good and visually good on screen. Guhan's camera work is another asset. Dialogues penned by BVS Ravi are impressive in emotional scenes. Editor did well to keep the runtime short. Production values are very good. The film has quality in every frame.

Thumbs Up:

Sai Dharam Tej


Thaman's music


Thumbs Down:

Silly portrayal of DRDO

Weak pre climax and climax portions


Sai Dharam Tej took a cue from his cousin Ram Charan who has set aside his mass image for the film Dhruva and took up a theme based film like Jawaan. It is a very different film for Sai Dharam Tej who has been relying upon formula films all this while. Jawaan does have loads of action but it is not a usual mass film that plays to the galleries. It has certain commercial elements like patriotic dialogues, a mass number and an elaborate romantic thread, but the scheme of things is different from usual.

DRDO is something that is not regularly seen in a Telugu film. Although scenes relating to DRDO have been conceived rather illogically, the backdrop gives it a unique feel. The film starts off on an interesting note and moves at a rapid pace. Director BVS Ravi with the help of Guhan's camera has given it a slick look. The shot making is stylish that makes it visually appealing.

However the scenes that matters have been executed very amateurishly. The security measures taken by DRDO are presented in a silly way. Protagonist disrupting the plans of villain by saving the Octopus missile is straight out of a routine mass drama. Interval scene raises curiosity over the second half and it does starts on a different note. Villain entering hero's house to execute his plan is an innovative idea.

The screenplay is always engaging although the whole story revolves around single point. Scenes between Tej and Prasanna have come out well, which keeps the screenplay flowing without any hassles. The film never gets boring at any point despite the lack of comedy and other mass friendly elements. Heroine's track does interrupt the flow here and there and a couple of songs break the momentum.

Pre climax and climax scenes seem hurried and lacks the required punch. A better climax would have helped Jawaan to become a memorable one. Having said that it does have engaging elements and a slick production design, which is worth giving a shot. Jawaan is an engaging action thriller with enough in it to hold audiences interests despite the flaws. Irrespective of its box office outcome, Jawaan will be remembered as one of the better films from megastar's nephew.

Verdict: Dharam Tej's Dhruva!