Movie Review: Gang

| Action-Drama | 2018-01-13

Surya, Keerthy Suresh, Ramya Krishnan, Karthik, Thambi Ramaiah, RJ Balaji and others

Director - Vignesh Shivn
Producer - Gnanavel Raja
Banner - Studio Green & UV Creations
Music - Anirudh Ravichander

Thaana Serndha Koottam is an official remake of Bollywood heist thriller Special 26. Vignesh Shivn directed this Gang that has some promising actors. Surya and Ramya Krishna delivered their best in this technically slick and visually rich heist comedy.

What is it about?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Surya) dreams of becoming an officer in the Central Bureau of Investigation, but gets turned down by a few corrupt officers. After a shocking incident in his life, Tilak forms a gang and does fake raids on rich people. Police and other CBI officials are after the gang now. Bal Gangadhar Tilak plots a mega raid on a jewelry shop to settle down in life. But will the CBI let them execute the plan?


Surya has lost some weight to play the role of a charming swindler. He is extremely handsome and played his character effortlessly. His performance in the scene where his friend commits suicide is topnotch. Keerthy Suresh has a very limited role that is restricted for songs. She is on the weightier side. Ramya Krishna steals the show as the middle aged trickster that has to resort to cons to run her family. Her comic timing and deadpan delivery are a treat to watch. Karthik goes overboard with his mannerisms and body language as the tough CBI officer. Thambi Ramayya and RJ Balaji did well in their respective roles.


Vignesh Shivn has written a fresh screenplay for Special 26 plot. He did well in making it appeal to the masses, but the tautness in the original script has gone missing due to it. Vignesh Shivn has a great command over all the crafts and made sure to get wonderful output from all the technicians.

Anirudh came up with a couple of foot tapping kuthu numbers. Background score is pretty ordinary though. Cinematography is superb with slick visuals and the editor did well to keep the runtime below 2.5 hours. Production values are very good as the film looked very rich in each and every frame.

Thumbs Up:

First half

Thumbs Down:

Weak climax
Too much masala in the second hour

Vignesh's last two films Poda Podi and Naanum Rowdy Thaan have proved that he is the director with original ideas. He has a knack of dealing serious plots in a humorous way and he did the same with Special 26. The original was a taut thriller with captivating screenplay. Vignesh Shivn has rewritten the screenplay so that it suits to the tastes of Tamil masses. This seemed like a good idea in the first half, but has gone awry in the second half.

First two cons are done in an interesting manner with lots of dry humor. One would expect second half to be even more thrilling and funnier. However, too many cliches and unnecessary masala elements spoiled the fun. Second half drags in spite of lasting for just about an hour or so. Last con was supposed to be the most thrilling one with CBI keeping a tab on every move of the Gang. The last con was made simple to accommodate a commercial ending, which is the biggest minus of the film.

There's no harm in adding humor to the proceedings but sacrificing thrills and leaving out the tautness for the sake of commercial climax is a huge mistake. There are more than a couple of instances where the film drags. The parallel track between Surya and Keerthy is just there for the sake of songs. That lengthy engagement episode in the second half comes as a speed breaker. Despite the flaws and hiccups, Gang offers many moments of fun. The film keeps you entertained all the time.

Gang is easily the best of all the films that were released for this festival till now. It has good humor, charming performances, impressive visuals and also a bit of freshness. It is an ideal movie to spend the festival weekend with your family and friends.

Verdict: Bang on!