Movie Review: Happy Wedding

| Love | 2018-07-28

Sumanth Ashwin, Niharika Konidela, Naresh, Murali Sharma, Indraja, Raja and others

Director - Lakshman Karya
Producer - UV Creations, Pocket Cinema
Banner - UV Creations, Pocket Cinema
Music - Shaktikanth Karthik

Niharika Konidela's latest film Happy Wedding focuses on post-engagement blues of the bride. Director Lakshman Karya picks a regular plot and weaves a romantic drama around it.

What is it about?

Akshara (Niharika) is a confused girl, who doesn't know what is right for her. Anand (Sumanth) is a fun loving, practical guy, who gets engaged to her. Akshara is unhappy with Anand not paying enough attention to her. She is confused whether he is the right one for her or not. She continues to participate in all the pre-wedding events and shopping, but doesn't make up mind about marrying Anand or not.


Sumanth Ashwin is a livewire. He was seen playing similar characters before. He shares good chemistry with Niharika and they are good as a pair on screen. Niharika can act. Her performance in emotional scenes is very good. However, she picks up another character that remains passive for the most part of the movie. Indraja, Naresh, Murali Sharma, Pavitra Lokesh, Annapurna, Raja were apt in their respective roles.


Lakshman Karya's plot doesn't offer any freshness. The concept of pre wedding blues of a lead character has been explored before. Director takes this old conflict and fails to weave engaging drama around it. Although the film has a fun event like wedding as its theme, it doesn't entertain much.

Music is strictly okay and the cinematography is pretty standard. The film looks like a web series in spite of notable star cast. It is made on a very low budget with minimal production values. Technically there isn't anything that stands out and makes the movie a special one.

Thumbs Up:

Niharika - Sumanth

A few emotions

Thumbs Down:

Boring second half

Weak conflict

Predictable climax


Every girl and boy goes through the phase where they keep analyzing whether they had chosen the right one to share their remaining life or not. Pre wedding confusion is a theme that has been dealt by many directors in the past. Happy Wedding picks a familiar theme and also deals it in a standard fashion. It has the regular template of scenes and characters that hardly engages the audience.

First half of the film is better with Niharika and Sumanth complementing each other with neat performances. The conflict is established at the interval as Niharika loses confidence in Sumanth. She is now caught in two minds to whether to marry him or not. Second half opens on this note and refuses to move forward. Niharika continues to behave odd with Sumanth for no strong reason while the pre wedding festivities are on.

It gets repetitive after a while and tests the patience as it gets closer towards the end. The climax is highly predictable which makes it all the more unexciting. There isn't any major twist to take audience by surprise. It is a very ordinary romance movie that deals with a familiar theme. Minimal locations and low production values make it look like a web drama at times. Happy Wedding keeps the audience neither entertained nor emotionally connected at any point. It is a very generic film with routine characters, emotions and scenes.

Verdict: Sad Affair!