Movie Review : Neevevaro

| Thriller | 2018-08-24

Aadhi Pinishetty, Taapsee, Rithika, Vennela Kishore, Saptagiri and Others

Director - Harinath
Producer - MVV Satyanarayana
Banner - MVV Cinemas
Music - Achu and Prasan

Neevevaro is a mystery thriller with interesting lead characters. It is remake of a Tamil film Adhe Kangal starring Aadhi Pinishetty, Taapsee and Rithika in lead roles. Despite having an interesting plot, the film fails to hold interest of its audience because of predictable screenplay.

What is it about?

Kalyan (Aadhi) is a blind chef who falls in love with Vennela (Taapsee). His childhood friend Anu (Rithika) wants to marry him, but Kalyan is impressed with Vennela, a salesgirl who is in big financial trouble. Kalyan wants to bail her out but meets with an accident. There is no sign of Vennela after Kalyan recovers. As he goes in search of her, Kalyan finds startling facts.


Aadhi is particularly impressive with his portrayal of blind character. He is a very fine actor who can easily slip into the shoes of any character. Taapsee looks odd in the initial portions but is good towards the climax. She has been picking interesting characters of late and this film too offers the variety that she is looking for. Rithika is just okay in a very ordinary character. Vennela Kishore's comedy fails to click because of poor writing. Tulasi and Sivaji Raja are too melodramatic. Saptagiri's comedy also offers nothing fresh.


It is a loyal remake that doesn't make much change to the original script. Direction is alright in the penultimate portions, but goes haywire in the middle. Dialogues lacked freshness. Vennela song is good to hear and so is the Rakshasi song. Background score is impressive in parts. Cinematography is good. Portions shot in night backdrop are done well. Editing is poor in the second half. Production values are fine.

Thumbs Up:

Aadhi's performance as blind man

Final portions

Thumbs Down:

Predictable twist

Dull pace

Unexciting narration


Neevevaro has a good plot that can make a fine thriller. However, it has been dealt in a lethargic fashion that it hardly excites in spite of the mystery element. The suspense part is easily guessable which turned out to be the movie's weak link. The screenplay needs to be very gripping and keep the viewers guessing for this plot to work.

The lack of emotional connect with the lead character's pain is another weakness. The love story is dealt very badly that it is hard to sympathize with the lead character after he loses his lover. The investigation part is done in a silly way. There isn't any seriousness in dealing with the protagonist's search for his missing lover.

Whole film is based on the twist that comes before the pre climax and that can be easily guessed by an average viewer. Despite predictability the portions that comes post the reveal are okay to some extent. This is the best part of the film compared to the tedious first half and silly take off for the second half. However, it is not strong enough to save the film from being a damp squib.

Neevevaro would have been a movie that fits the current trend of novel movies if done well. Poor screenplay and silly attempts to fit in comedy into a serious plot marred its chances of impressing the target audience.

Verdict: A Thriller Plot Wasted!