Review: U Turn

| Mystery | 2018-09-13

Samantha, Aadhi Pinishetty, Rahul Ravindran, Bhumika and Others

Director - Pawan Kumar
Producer - Srinivas Chitturi, Rambabu Ban
Banner - Srinivasa Silver Screen
Music - Poornachandra Tejaswi

U Turn is the remake of Kannada hit by the same name. Pawan Kumar who directed the original wielded the megaphone for remake too.

What is it about?

Rachana (Samantha) is an intern journalist who wants to report something big. She focuses on the traffic violators who move the divider blocks on a flyover. She is also in the process of getting close to her colleague, a crime reporter (Rahul Ravindran). Rachana gets the bike number of a violator from a roadside elderly person and traces his address. But he is found dead when Rachana visits his home. Now Rachana turns the prime suspect for the killing. A police officer called Nayak (Aadhi) believes that she is innocent and gets into the details of the case. He finds startling facts about many mysterious deaths that happened to all the violators who took the wrong turn. Who is behind these killings and what happens to Rachana?


Samantha's makeover as a simple but independent girl is perfect. She got into the skin of the character and made us believe that she is an ordinary girl who is caught in an extra ordinary situation. She had dubbed in her own voice too. Aadhi is good as a sincere cop. Rahul Ravindran also is aptly cast. Bhumika gets a small but important role to play.


Pawan Kumar remained faithful to the original in spite of getting better star cast and bigger budget for the remake. He could recreate the magic of the original with taut narration and realistic taking. The way he hooks you on to the story is commendable.

There are no songs in the film, but background score is on point. Cinematography by Niketh places you in the middle of the situation. Production design is superb. Dialogues are simple yet effective.

Thumbs Up:


Terrific first half

Mystery element


Thumbs Down:

Lacks bite towards the end

Logic goes for a toss


U Turn doesn't waste any time in getting to the thick of the things. The viewers will be left as clueless and as puzzled as Samantha at the beginning of the events. The director creates nail biting suspense as we get to know details about the mysterious U Turn. Most part of the first half focuses on the investigative part and is confined to a single location (police station). However, there is no lack of action as things get further interesting with each incident. The execution of the script in the first half is terrific and makes you impatient to watch the second half.

Second half also maintains similar pace and tension for most part. But it turns out a bit drab after the actual reason is revealed. The supernatural element is hard to believe and we find many logical errors as we get more details about the actual incident. The tautness maintained to that point also goes missing once the mystery is revealed. It could have been trimmed down a bit and should have maintained the pace during the climatic sequences. Director shines in creating a dream like sequence where Samantha gets to know about the actual reason behind the killings. We expect more such creative stuff than regular mom and daughter supernatural drama.

U Turn's strength lies in its approach. A simple, relatable concept told in a most effective manner separates it from the rest. Everyone involved have given their hundred percent to the film. Pawan Kumar once again succeeds in getting his casting right. Samantha and Aadhi are aptly cast and take the story forward with their effortless portrayal of Rachana and Nayak respectively. Technically the film is brilliant with topnotch cinematography and super effective production design.

U Turn isn't perfect but it checks most of the boxes that are needed for a well executed thriller. It loses some bite towards the end with logical holes, but that doesn't take away its plus points. It will appeal to the audience who love to watch thrillers and suspense filled stories. It is a film worth watching if you look for novel experience at the cinemas. It should be a successful one given the minimal costs and crowd pulling star like Samantha playing the main lead.

Verdict: An Interesting Turn Indeed!