Movie Review: Adhugo

| | 2018-11-07

Abhishek Varma, Nabha Natesh, Ravi Babu and others

Director - Ravi Babu
Producer - Suresh Babu, Ravi Babu
Banner - Flying Frogs
Music - Prashant Vihari

Ravi Babu's latest film Adhugo has caught attention because of its lead, a piglet. Ravi Babu tries something that is challenging for a low budget regional film. Combining live-action with visual effects technology is a daring attempt. It is not easy to pull off such films with a restricted budget and hence Adhugo couldn't create an impact with its visual effects.

What is it about?

Many gangs are after a piglet named Bunty for various reasons. Two gangs are after it for the sake of a pig-race and two other gangs are after it as it swallows a micro-SD chip that has valuable information. A love pair (Abhishek, Nabha) and a kid are caught in the circus.


There are numerous characters and many unknown faces playing most of the key characters. Among the known faces there is Ravi Babu who deliberately acts like a clown for the sake of comedy. Nabha Natesh who recently debuted with Nannu Dochukunduvate has a cute face, but nothing much to do in this film. Abhishek Varma gets on your nerves with his irritating expressions. Vijay Sai and others do Ravi Babu's brand of comedy.


Ravi Babu is an intelligent filmmaker who comes up with innovative ideas. But he is also eccentric at times. He has made some good films and also few terrible movies. Adhugo falls into the latter category that will make you cringe throughout the run time.

Songs are absolutely not needed, but somehow three songs have been squeezed into the narrative. None of the songs are impressive and the background score is cartoonish. Cinematography is poor and the visual effects are tacky.

Thumbs Up:


Thumbs Down:

Iffy humor

Lousy writing

Horrible acting

Tacky VFX


Ravi Babu must be lauded for daring to make a live animation film with limited resources. He must be fully aware of the limitations and shortcomings in attempting such film. However, like always he went on to make the film with piglet playing the central character. He has woven a script around a piglet character with the aim of making a comedy that entertains kids and families.

We can appreciate him for the efforts and trying out something that is new on Telugu screen. However, Ravi Babu faltered with the writing and direction. His attempt to make a whacky comedy turned out to be torturous and unfunny. He has included numerous characters to keep the story moving, but that has made it all the more boring and at times confusing. Roping in new or lesser known actors for playing important characters has done more damage to the film. Absurd comedy scenes like a pig pooping on a character's face make it unwatchable and disgusting.

The VFX is tacky but it is okay for our standards, especially in this budget. There is scope for making a very good slapstick comedy, but Ravi Babu utterly fails as a writer. Even Satyanand's experience wasn't helpful. Not a single scene is funny in the film that even the short run time feels like an eternity. Adhugo is a film that cannot be recommended to kids even. Even a miracle couldn't save such a lousy film.

Verdict: Crappy Comedy!