Movie Review: Bluff Master

2 Hrs 33 M | Thriller | 2018-12-28

Satya Dev, Nandita Swetha, Prudhvi and others

Director - Gopi Ganesh
Producer - Ramesh, P.Pillai
Banner - Abhishek Films
Music - Sunil Kasyap

After last week's releases turned out to be debacle and only Telugu-dubbed KGF Chapter 1 doing moderately well, all eyes are on this week's release Bluff Master, a heist thriller  - based on Tamil blockbuster Sathuranga Vettai - featuring Satyadev and Nandita Swetha in the lead roles. Without further delay, check out our take on the film.

What is it about?

Uttam Kumar alias Akash Vihari (Satya Dev) is a greedy conman. He goes to any extent to cheat people for money. After cheating a lot of people, he moves to Vizag where he starts a new firm Goldway and attracts jobless greedy youth and offers to make huge money by selling his product - Goldway water (believed to have special quality). During this period, he meets Avani (Nandita Swetha), an orphan who has a heart of gold and helps kids, people around her. Akash likes Avani and recruits her into their scheme without charging any token amount. Avani likes Akash and eventually falls for him looking at his deeds, acts. But Avani is unaware of Akash's true nature. However, it doesn't take much time to know about Akash's frauds. When people try to surround his office, he escapes smartly. Avani gets to know Akash's true colour and leaves him

In a turn of events, Akash gets caught by police and he's taken into custody. Yet, he manages to walk free using his influence, money. However, problems keep coming his way. He finally turns a good man. But his past continues to haunt him. How will Uttam alias Akash overcomes and settle with Avani form the crux of the story.


The only relief in the film is Satyadev's performance who manages to wear several hats. Satyadev does it with ease. However, he cannot carry the film on his shoulders given the weak plot and poor narration. Nandita Swetha is alright. She hardly has a role in first half. At times, she does more than what is actually needed. Rest of the characters hardly get noticed. Police characters in the film are so weak. They have been taken for granted. Even people in judiciary didn't get strong roles. Satyadev's friends


After Romeo, director Gopi Ganesh has failed yet again in giving a convincing narration. Though he opted for the remake of Tamil blockbuster Sathuranga Vettai, the way he has messed up brings head-ache to audiences. Bad direction makes the film awful. Writing is weak. Scenes are haphazard. The film gets preachy at times. Sunil Kashyap's music is not great. BGM is alright though. Technically, Bluff Master has nothing to offer.

Thumbs Up:

Satyadev's Performance

Thumbs Down:

Weak plot

Too cinematic

Aimless Direction


Bluff Master has an interesting premise of greed. But the way director Gopi messed it up so badly that audiences are forced to look at nearest exit. The scene of Boss Akash giving lecture to his office colleagues is directly inspired from Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. In fact, Satyadev's role has striking resemblances with Jordan Belfort character played by Leonardo DiCapiro. But comparing Bluff Master with The Wolf Of Wall Street would be a crime as the latter is much much better film and handled greed part well.

Also, director Gopi hasn't done any justice to the original Sathuranga Vettai. Looks like,  he has mixed up both first half and second half of the original in the remake and created a Khichdi. He mishandled the wafer-thin plot. The film goes haywire. Scenes lack sync, look forced at portions. The film looks so lengthy as it drags, drags and so on. Bluff Master is neither interesting nor engaging.