Movie Review: Suryakantham

125 Min | Romance - Drama | 2019-03-29

Rahul Vijay, Niharika Konidela, Perlene Besania, Suhasini, Sivaji Raja and others

Director - Pranith Bramandapally
Producer - Sundeep, Srujan, Ram Naresh
Banner - Nirvana Cinemas
Music - Mark Robin

Niharika Konidela's latest attempt Suryakantham is a romance triangle that seems fresh at the start but fizzles out too soon.

What is it about?

Abhi (Rahul) is caught in between an unpredictable Suryakantham, his ex (Niharika) and Pooja, his fiancee (Perlene). As Abhi gets confused to deal with Suryakantham's unpredictable nature, his bonding with Pooja seems to fall apart. Abhi has to decide whom to share his life with.


Rahul Vijay is good as the innocent but sincere person who is caught between two girls. Niharika Konidela gets to play a quirky character that is likeable and annoying at the same time. She is a fine actress and Suryakantham showcases her real talent. Perlene is good looking and also a decent actress. Suhasini played a brief cameo and Sivaji Raja is okay as hero's father. Satya's character is fun to watch.


Pranith has etched the lead characters well, but couldn't weave a fresh love story around them. Suryakantham seems to be a fresh take on contemporary romance, but turns into a sob fest with boring love triangle. There is potential, but the director fails to make use of it.

The film is made on a low budget but has vibrant visuals. Music could have been better. Editing is fine. Cinematography is decent. Dialogues are enjoyable at times. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:

Few moments in first half

Thumbs Down:

Routine second half
Dragged climax
Weak music


Niharika finally picks a character that is her age. She enjoyed playing Suryakantham which is evident in many scenes. However, the plot of Suryakantham is very weak for Niharika to hold it together. First half of the film is entertaining with Suryakantham stealing the show with her unpredictable and quirky nature. First half will surely appeal to the urban youth, but the director falters with the second half where Suryakantham suddenly transforms into a typical Telugu cinema heroine.

Suryakantham trying to win her boyfriend back by breaking his engagement should have been fun. Instead, it turns into an unending sob fest. The director tries to twist the tale to avoid a predictable climax. He tries his best to make it look convincing, but it only seems forced and unnecessarily dragged. Suryakantham is a live wire in the first half dealing with her life problems like a boss. It could have been a fun ride if Suryakantham's characterization remained consistent, but that didn't happen.

There is ample scope and potential in the plot to be a cool romantic film that appeals to urban youth. But the director lost the plot in the middle and made it into a regular fare that seems very long in spite of having a less run time (125 minutes).

Verdict: Ayyo Kantham!