Majili Movie Review

2 Hr 34 Mi | Love | 2019-04-05

Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Divyansha, Rao Ramesh, Posani, Subba Raju and others

Director - Shiva Nirvana
Producer - Sahi Garapati, Harish Peddi
Banner - Shine Screens
Music - Gopi Sundar

Majili is a coming of age romantic drama with Chaitanya and Samantha playing the leading roles. Shiva Nirvana of Ninnu Kori fame offers yet another matured take on love, heartbreak and the life after it.

What is it about?

Poorna (Naga Chaitanya) a wannabe cricketer falls in love with Anshu (Divyansha) a North Indian rich girl. The couple gets separated and the heartbroken Poorna leads his life like a loser. Sravani (Samantha) who admires Poorna marries him in spite of knowing about his bad habits and heartbreak. How Poorna gets over his past love and accepts Sravani as his life partner forms rest of the story.


Naga Chaitanya gets an author backed role and he did his best as Poorna. He is particularly impressive in the second half where he is going through a heartbreak. Samantha enters the scene just before the intermission and steals the show with her spectacular performance. Divyansha is just fine. Rao Ramesh is impressive as Chay's father and Posani is his usual self as an annoying neighbor. The guy who played Chay's friend is very good. Subbaraju, Ravi Prakash, Atul Kulakarni and rest of the supporting cast are alright in their respective roles.


Director Shiva Nirvana follows the similar template of love-heartbreak-redemption that he dealt with in his debut film. The director once again shows very good maturity in handling relations and sensitive issues. He has done a fabulous job in getting the emotional content right.

Music by Gopi Sunder is good. A couple of songs are catchy. Thaman's background score is superb. Cinematography is decent. Dilaogues are very good in emotional scenes. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:

Naga Chaitanya


Emotional Second Half

Thumbs Down:

Slow Paced

Lengthy First Half


Majili is a relatable story with effective dialogue. Many lovers get separated and shares their lives with someone else. What if someone who couldn't get over his past love gets married to another woman? Majili deals with this subject that takes ample time to showcase the past of the protagonist. First half is a mix of many things. It has Poorna's friends, goals, goons and a love story. It is all predictable as the plot was revealed in the promos itself.

First half is alright but moves at a very leisure pace. The romance part also is very ordinary with random scenes. Things get interesting with the introduction of Samantha character. There is a nice little touch of showing the past of the protagonist from her point of view. She admires him and loves him unconditionally, but he couldn't get over his past. There is a twist thrown in for him to get over everything and realize the love of his wife.

Although a bit cinematic, the last act in Majili is okay. The film's biggest problem is its slow pace and it remains to be on the slower side even in the second half. But what works in its favor is the well executed emotions and very good performances. Not just the lead pair, but also the supporting star cast does their job. A couple of songs are good, but a better audio album would have helped it reach another level.

On a whole, Majili is a decent romantic drama that will appeal to the matured audience as well as the youth. The film gets dramatic and sloppy at times, but keeps its viewers interested with some well written scenes and dialogue. It has its share of shortcomings, but ends on a satisfactory note with Samantha and Chaitanya pulling it off with their unmistakable chemistry.

Verdict: Emotional Majili!