Kanchana 3 Movie Review

| Horror | 2019-04-20

Lawrence, Vedika, Oviya, Nikki Tamboli, Kovai Sarala and others

Director - Ragava Lawrence
Producer - Lawrence, Kalanidhi Maran
Banner - Raghavendra Productions
Music - DooBaaDoo

Kanchana 3 is the latest edition to Ragava Lawrence's Muni series. It follows the same template of the franchise with Lawrence playing dual roles again.

What is it about?

Raghava (Lawrence) gets possessed by a spirit named Kaali (also Lawrence) and creates havoc with his antics. Why did Kaali possess Raghava? Who is he after?


Lawrence repeats the same act that he does in the Muni series. There is nothing special about his performance in spite of donning dual roles. His grey haired look for Kaali is just for a change. Kovai Sarala also repeats the same act that she has been doing in Muni movie. Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki are there for the sake of glamour. Devadarshini and Sriman are okay with their supporting act.


Lawrence has mastered the art of delivering mass friendly horror comedies. His Muni aka Kanchana franchise kept getting better with each film, but he seems to have ran out of ideas this time. Kanchana 3 is just a poor attempt to cash in on the franchise's popularity. All Lawrence does is to stitch all those scenes that worked in the previous films together with a similar revenge plot.

Background score by Thaman is loud and predictable. Camera work is clumsy and so is the editing. The film is strictly targeted at the masses which might be the reason for poor output on the technical front.

Thumbs Up:

Comedy scenes

Thumbs Down:

Crude humor

Messy flashback

Too loud


Lawrence doesn't try to bring anything new to the Kanchana's table. He simply delivers the same recipe that has worked wonders before. The name is enough to draw audiences in big numbers and Lawrence is aware of it. Hence, he didn't put any thought into the script. All he did is to rehash the successful comedy and horror scenes from the previous films with the characters indulging even more crass humor.

Lawrence jumping onto Kovai Sarala or Devadarshini was funny in the previous films. It has been overdone here just for the sake of making audience laugh. The writing is so mean at times that they didn't mind to deliver below the belt humor. All three leading ladies running after the leading man like they don't have any other purpose to live is so painful to watch. Also the scene where the ghost thrashes everyone on their backs is in bad taste.

Jump scares worked here and there and the so-called humor will appeal to a section of audience. However, Lawrence and his team couldn't keep the spirits up all through as they had to start telling the story at some point. There is a namesake flashback episode in which Lawrence look ridiculous as a grey haired young man. There is a lot of self boasting and elevation for Lawrence in this part.

The emotion behind the ghosts is not striking enough and the climax fight just gets ridiculous with aghoras and ghost busters joining the tamasha. Kanchana 3 will enjoy good openings because of its predecessors, but as a film it will not impress many.
Verdict: Over The Top!